5 foods rich in melatonin that will help you sleep better (and not get fat)

Sleeping well is very important to reset the body, regulate circadian rhythms and optimize the functioning of the body. When you do not rest well, you will not only feel drowsiness, irritability, lack of concentration or fatigue, you also run the risk of illness due to the mismatch of sleep hours. Melatonin is essential to achieve physical and mental well-being and, above all, to have a restful sleep although it is also involved in weight control.In fact, experts already consider it as a good tool to combat obesity thanks to its ability to increase thermogenic activity. These are the foods that you should include in your diet if you are having trouble resting this season and want to achieve effective weight control.


Nuts are a food that should be present in every healthy diet worth its salt. Nuts in particular are a natural treasure that offers us omega 3 fatty acids, healthy fats that fight inflammation protecting the body from cardiovascular diseases. They help reduce cholesterol levels, keep blood glucose levels stable and also have essential amino acids for the body.


They contain melatonin and favor rest and sleep quality, yes, remember that nuts are caloric and ideally consume them in moderation to benefit from their healthy properties.


It is one of the most famous grandmother's remedies to fight insomnia. Taking a banana before bed helps to fall gently in the arms of Morpheus and ensure a restful rest thanks to its melatonin content. It is also a fruit rich in tryptophan that increases well-being and potassium that will prevent those annoying night muscle cramps or spasticity so it will favor rest and sleep.


You can take the fruit alone or accompanying a porridge of oatmeal or in a milkshake, being a sweet fruit, it will also take away the desire to ‘sin’ with foods that are not recommended before going to sleep.


Ginger has been, for a few years, that food that is not lacking in the pantries of healthy food lovers. In addition to providing an exotic and different touch to the dishes, This root is a powerful antioxidant that fights the harmful effects caused by free radicals that cause premature aging.. It is also anti-inflammatory, cellular protector and, although it does not have melatonin, it does have the power to increase its production by the body, allowing the body to relax naturally and fall asleep.



Consumed in moderate quantities, rice is a food that It helps to get a good rest and sleep better because it provides a small dose of melatonin. It has vitamins of group B, is neuroprotective, heart-healthy and takes care of the state of the muscles.


If you take it integral plus you will benefit from its contribution in fiber that helps eliminate toxins and improves intestinal transit favoring weight control.


You can be one of the must-haves of healthy lovers, not to mention that it is the one that is never missing in the shopping cart for any lover of fitness and healthy cooking. Oatmeal has many beneficial nutrients for the body, helps improve the digestive process, is heart healthy, helps maintain weight, regulates anxiety … a fabulous food that also provides tryptophan to the body, an amino acid that stimulates the natural production of melatonin.


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Take it in porridge, biscuits, smoothies, homemade cookies, with fruit and cinnamon … It is one of the best and healthiest foods that also help you sleep better.

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