5 effective tips to lose weight in the legs

Losing weight and toning the body is a task that requires commitment and perseverance. To achieve this, it is essential to bet on a healthy eating and exercise. Seen this way it seems a simple formula, but the truth is that it also takes time and patience, especially if we are looking for long-term changes. In addition, there are certain areas of the body, such as the legs, in which more fat accumulates naturally and it is necessary to use it thoroughly to obtain results. But do not despair, because it is not impossible. From here we give you the keys that will help you lose weight in your legs. Ready?

1. Bet on a healthy and low calorie diet

Eating a good diet is the most appropriate for health, whether you want to lose weight or not. Basing our diet on vegetables, fruits, nuts, legumes, fish and meat, that is, unprocessed foods, is the best way to feel energetic and prevent non-communicable diseases. But if you're looking to lose weight, then apart from eating these foods, your caloric intake should be less than your energy expenditure. To do this you must adapt the quantities and, if necessary, go to a dietitian-nutritionist to develop a specific plan for you.

As you will imagine, this supposes eliminate or reduce as much as possible the consumption of ultraprocessed rich in sugars, salt, refined flours and low quality fats such as pastries, soft drinks, frozen or fried pizzas. If you usually take them, simply replacing them with healthy food will drastically reduce your calorie intake. A simple trick? Follow the dietitian-nutritionist Carlos Ríos on social networks, he is the creator of the realfood movement and will give you many ideas to improve your diet.


2. Drink water

The accumulation of fat in areas such as the legs can be related to fluid retention. Therefore, apart from improving the diet and reducing the consumption of salt, it is advisable to drink water and eliminate other beverages that contain added sugars and extra calories like sodas, smoothies or alcohol.

3. Full on cardio!

To lose weight in general and lose weight in particular, cardiovascular activities are essential. Running, walking at a good pace, riding a bike, doing spinning sessions, swimming or dancing, among other activities, will allow you to burn a good amount of calories and, therefore, contribute to the process of weight loss. Ideally, you should carry out this type of exercise, at least. three times per week.

4. Do specific exercises for the legs

Apart from cardio, which will allow you to lose weight, it is highly recommended that you do exercises to tone them. In fact, the creation of muscle is essential to accelerate metabolism and, therefore, weight loss. Therefore, combining both is key to show stylized legs, strong and healthy. We propose the following.

Squats: stand up with your legs and shoulders parallel. Flex the knees keeping the back straight. Hold for a few seconds and return to the starting position. Make several repetitions.

Lunges forwards and backwards: standing, take one of the legs forward and flex the other in such a way that the knee is at a 90º angle. Return to the starting position and repeat with the opposite leg. To make another variant of this exercise, you just have to do the same thing backwards.

Lateral leg lift: Lie on your side and support your forearm on the floor. Lift the leg up, without reaching a right angle, keep a few seconds and low. Repeat several times and change sides.

Extensions: Lie on your stomach and extend your legs in such a way that they are elevated. You can support the arms on the sides of the trunk or extend them forward. Hold for a few seconds and return to the starting position. Make several repetitions.

If you have the possibility, our advice is to make them under the supervision of a professional coach.


5. Extra help! Cosmetic and aesthetic treatments

Cosmetic treatments for the legs can function as a complement (not a substitute) to the previous steps to improve the results. The specific reducing creams or gels They are the most affordable options and allow to improve the elasticity of the area, prevent the appearance of stretch marks during weight loss and reduce cellulite.

Another option is aesthetic treatments for the legs such as mesotherapy, cavitation or cryolipolysis, which can help you improve the circulation of the area and reduce cellulite and / or localized fat.

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