5 easy games to entertain your cat in the house

You have a cat? You will surely know that they love to play. In this article we show you how to entertain them at home.

Last update: 06 March, 2022

If you are a cat lover, you will know that they are fascinating and surprising animals due to their cunning and intelligence. In this regard, they have a series of needs that you must satisfy, beyond food and basic care. In this article we share easy games for cats that you can play at home without investing a lot of money.

When adopting a pet it is essential to understand that it has certain needs and that they are not the same as those of humans. In this way, For cats, play is very important. It allows them to satisfy their primal instincts. Especially when they are in apartments.

Benefits of playing with cats

The Basic manual for cat adopters, written by feline therapy experts, points out that the cat needs to develop its hunting skills. Being tamed, he will do it as part of the game.

Thus, the game for cats is essential for their proper development. It relieves their stress.

Ultimately, it also helps prevent them from wreaking havoc around the house with their restless paws and ending up damaging furniture. Also, playing with them helps to strengthen the bonds that are generated with the animal.

Games and tips to entertain a cat at home

Although there are hundreds of specialized games for cats on the market, anyone who owns one knows that the kittens are easily entertained. In fact, with a little creativity you can put together toys that they love and are inexpensive.

On the other hand, it is important that they are activities that they can also do alone and that do not cause them frustration. That is, they pretend to be dams that they are able to catch.

When they are offered an unattainable object, it can create long-term stress. Magazine ethology bulletin points out that cats tend to like toys that they can catch, lift and shake in the air.

The stress of the cats can lead to damage to the furniture, so it is convenient to entertain them enough.

1. Carton

An object as simple as a cardboard box can be the best gift you give your cat to entertain itself. Sometimes just having a box is enough for him to catch his attention and start going in and out of it.

Nevertheless, it will be more fun if you put stimuli inside it, that allow him to play to get treats from it or smaller objects. You can also choose to put together several boxes that simulate tunnels or structures to jump from one side to the other.

2. Fishing rod

Cat games should satisfy their hunting instincts. In this sense, those that simulate the movement of a prey and allow them to jump on it are the favorites. Making a fishing rod with a small fish or mouse on the tip is a great idea.

To make it you need a long stick that can be made of balsa or recycled wood. Next, you need to add a string with an object on the end to draw their attention. You can create your own with a drink lid, old socks, or tied up rags.

3. Box of surprises

This game for cats is very simple and they find it fun! To do this you need a plastic container with a lid.

You must open some holes of different sizes in the lid where the cat can put its paws or try to take objects that you will put inside. Ideally, fill it with cat treats and small toys that catch their attention. Seal the box well because it will most likely take a beating.

4. Multi-stroke station

Who doesn’t like pampering? Cats are no exception and enjoy being petted.

Therefore, this game is one of the best tokens of love that you can build for your friend. You can use a wooden base lined with carpet, to which you must attach brushes that allow it to scratch. Using flexible, soft-bristled rollers will create an arch that will be very comfortable for the cat.

5. Games with food

Cats love to hunt, so creating games for them to stimulate this instinct while releasing food is a great idea. You can be creative and vary the stimuli.

For example, an empty bottle filled with cat food and with holes. Also, an old cardboard toilet paper tube with crushed edges and a snack inside.

The hunting instinct of cats guides us towards which games are best to stimulate them.

Have some good scratchers

In addition to the games for cats that we have mentioned, it is essential that you have a scraper at home that allows the cat to sharpen its nails. Today they exist in multiple sizes and shapes.

Regardless of which one you choose, the cat should like it and be present in a common area where it feels comfortable. Otherwise, you might choose to sharpen your nails on the furniture at home. Also, if you don’t have a lot of money, you can also build it yourself. Lining a box or some tubes with a rope or similar fiber will suffice.

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