5 different ways to fold napkins

Folding napkins into special shapes can add a touch of class to your table. Learn several ways to achieve it!

Last update: 27 January, 2022

Napkins are an essential element on the table. Despite the fact that the simplest paper ones are usually used on a daily basis, there are multiple materials and styles to accompany various occasions or celebrations. In this article we will show you 5 ways to fold napkins.

According to the culinary portal What’s Cooking AmericaThe napkins have a tradition of more than 600 years and a rich history related to ceremonies and etiquette. It is known that in ancient Greece and Egypt people used items to clean their fingers. Today they are present in all meals and are indispensable.

Napkin folding ideas

There are dozens of ways to fold napkins that can be a great idea to give an elegant touch to a dinner gourmet, decorate a children’s party in a fun way or add style to a family or friends lunch. Accompanied with matching centerpieces, they can make your dining area look sophisticated.

1. In the form of a bowtie

This is one of the easiest ways to fold napkins. You simply have to take a triangular or rectangular napkin in half and bring its edges together to form a bowtie.

You can use a ribbon in a matching shade for the tie. There are also special rings for napkins or wooden rings.

For this simple method of folding you can use rings that were created for this purpose.

2. Like the ears of a rabbit

This is an adorable idea to use for baby or kid’s parties. In fact, it is inspired by Easter Day.

You take a cloth napkin without folding it, or a paper napkin unfolding it, so that it is as large as possible. The next step is to fold it in half, so that it is left in the form of a thin and elongated rectangle.

Then you must put the Easter egg, which can be replaced by a chocolate or an elongated object, right in the middle of the rectangle. The napkin should be tied above the egg with a bow or using a ring. This way, the ends of the napkin will look like bunny ears.

3. In the form of an envelope

An envelope is a beautiful shape that can be used for different occasions, such as a birthday celebration, a children’s party or a romantic dinner. This is not a very formal idea, but it is perfect for relaxed encounters.

To fold a napkin into an envelope, the first thing to do is fold it in half to make a triangle. Then you have to join two of the peaks of the triangle in the middle.

Next you should take the outer edges and put them back in the middle. So that it looks like a rectangle with a triangular point.

To finish, you must fold the ends to meet them in the middle and form the envelope. You can add a heart, a flower or a stamp to form the envelope seal.

4. Lotus-shaped

The first thing you should do to fold napkins in the shape of a lotus is look for some that have a square size. Then take one of them and spread it out on a table, flattening out all the wrinkles.

Then you must take each corner of the square and bring them to the center. Flip it over, being careful not to disrupt the shape.

Once you have turned the napkin with the folds, repeat the previous step. That is, the corners of the square are taken again and all are joined in the middle.

To keep them together you must put a glass on them. While pressing down on the glass with one hand, pull the folds below it so that they become the petals of the lotus.

5. Like a classic flower

If you are one of those people who find crafts difficult, there is a simple and classic way to fold napkins that can be very elegant and effortless. It is about unfolding the napkin and folding it in half, so that there is a kind of stem, with the tips like the petals.

For the form to hold it is necessary to use a napkin ring or a bow. Also, you can give it a special touch using a sprig of flowers or leaves.

The use of the napkin does not have to be boring. Take advantage of the different variants and change the style of your table.

Try different styles

Today it is possible to find many napkin options on the market: cloth, traditional or recycled paper, large, small, textured or printed. Now that you know how to fold napkins with multiple styles, you will surely be encouraged to try them.

However, in addition to the figures, you can also add a touch of color or creativity to the table using patterned napkins. Let your imagination fly!

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