5 Common Marriage Problems and How to Fix Them

There are common marriage problems that it’s important not to overlook before it’s too late. Seeking professional help or sitting down to talk are some of the solutions.

Last update: February 16, 2022

Joining in marriage with another person is a very important step, but not without problems. Something that we must be clear about is that being two different people, there will surely be differences of opinion and disagreements that must be managed. Therefore, today we will delve into common marriage problems and how to solve them.

From the General Council of Psychology of Spain (COP) they explain to us that conflicts in the couple generate health problems in the members and in the children. For this reason, it is convenient to know how to deal with them in a healthy way so that no one is harmed. But is it possible to prevent these conflicts from appearing?

Marriage improves quality of life

At least this is something that the COP affirms. Statistics say that married people live longer and have a better quality of life if there are not so many conflicts. This last point is very important, since there may be a component of beliefs about romantic love that make marriage, far from improving the quality of life, cause the opposite.

There are many situations that can cause common problems in marriage, from the family economy to the children. However, communication is going to be essential to face them and solve them in the best possible way.

We encourage you to go to couples therapy, because professional help should not be left for when everything is lost.

common marriage problems

Now that we know a little more about the common problems of marriage, taking into account everything that the COP says, we are going to explain each one. It is clear that each relationship is different, however, there are always situations that are repeated and that generate a high degree of discomfort in married couples.

Marriage could improve the quality of life of married couples, as long as they know how to manage problems.

1. Lack of communication

Communication is the Achilles heel of relationships and experts still don’t quite know why. It seems that the lack of assertiveness, believing that the other must guess what we want and another series of behavior patterns that we have learned from our parents end up affecting the marriage.

2. The different responsibilities

How are household chores distributed? Who takes care of the children?

There are many aspects that can cause common marriage problems that need to find a meeting point. If one of the members has more responsibilities in something, the other must compensate it in some way with another responsibility. Here you have to sit down to negotiate.

3. Money problems

Another common marriage problem is money. Having a joint account can make it necessary to ask the other for explanations about what has been spent so much; something that can increase control within the relationship.

Here you have to weigh whether to compensate that joint account or it is better to have each one their own.

4. Lack of sex

One of the common problems in marriage seems to be sex. Llack of passion, the fact that there is less and less time to practice it, especially when children come, it can cause the relationship to deteriorate.

To do this you have to achieve a balance and strive to take moments to spend alone. Also, you have to cultivate intimacy.

5. Alone time

A married couple may find that they no longer have separate friends or that they do not do any activity without the other person. Sometimes, it is necessary to analyze if there is a problem of emotional dependency, something that is quite frequent. Therefore, finding alone time, enjoying hobbies, and giving yourself space is key.

If you have a hobby, cultivating it by spending time alone is one way to improve the marriage relationship later.

love cannot do everything

Perhaps the most common marriage problem is believe that with love everything will be easier. However, this is not so.

Love cannot do everything and needs commitment, communication, effort and desire to improve. Settling in and letting love do it all is a never-win game.

The common marriage problems mentioned above have solutions, but you don’t have to wait until everything is destroyed to seek help. On many occasions, couples therapy is used when the relationship is very broken and there is little to do. So, as soon as there is a problem that is not feasible to solve, a professional will be very helpful.

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