5 alternative drinks to replace the coffee

Having a coffee is not bad, in fact it is very healthy, but the problem arises when after that first coffee comes another, and another at noon, another after the meal to clear, and so one after another You can accumulate too much caffeine in your body that can have undesirable effects such as sleep problems, headaches, anxiety, heartburn … so we are not going to demonize coffee but we are going to say that the ideal is to drink it in a moderate way.

Whether you do not like coffee, you do not feel too good or you're a coffee lover who wants to disengage, we give you the best healthy alternatives (avoiding the decaffeinated), to start the morning on the right foot without having to resort to caffeine.



It may be the best alternative for coffee lovers because the flavor of this root, called coffee substitute, It is bitter and similar to coffee but without being stimulating because it does not contain caffeine.

It is low in calories, rich in fiber and highly digestive, stimulates liver function, helps fight constipation and also headache. It is a great source of essential fatty acids, B vitamins and minerals such as calcium, potassium or phosphorus.


Maca coffee and cocoa

Another great option for very coffee growers is maca coffee. This root behaves like a stimulant of the central nervous system bringing a lot of energy and functioning as a natural multivitamin Perfect to start the day.

It has a caramel-like taste and It is recommended to combine it with cocoa to stimulate the production of dopamine in the body, thus creating an effect on the body similar to that triggered by taking caffeine. Put a little of agave syrup and you will have an incomparable breakfast drink.


Chai tea

It is a drink that has become fashionable in the West in recent times, and it is not for less because, besides being great, brings great benefits to the body.

In India it is considered a refreshing, comforting drink that brings clarity to the mind and calms the spirit. It consists of a mixture of several ingredients, black tea, ginger, cardamom, cinnamon, fennel, cloves and black pepper. The result is a very aromatic infusion with powerful health properties.

Why is chai tea a good substitute for coffee? Because it provides energy, it is a natural stimulant, it has a great antioxidant power, it is digestive, anti-inflammatory and accelerates the metabolism, does anyone give more?


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Green juices

What better to activate in the morning than a delicious and healthy green juice? The green juice arrived a long time ago to stay and remain one of the healthiest options to include in breakfast.

Energizers, depuratives, loaded with vitamins and minerals, so are the green juices, one of the best ways to include more vegetables in your diet in a simple and delicious way. Our favorite? The spinach, kiwi, apple, ginger, parsley, celery and lemon juice.


Vegetable drinks with cocoa

Cocoa is stimulating and contributes to increase the level of endorphins, so it can become your perfect alternative to replace coffee. These are the benefits of coffee for your health and mix it with vegetable milk, such as oatmeal or rice milk, to obtain a luxury revitalizing breakfast drink. If you want you can add a little agave syrup so that your cocoa drink is sweeter without resorting to unhealthy industrial products.

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