40-year-old man becomes second person to be cured of HIV

A 40-year-old man becomes second person to be cured of HIV. This news was already known in 2020, but so far the subject has decided to reveal his identity. An example of advances in the control of a virus.

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He is Venezuelan and his name is Adam Castillejo

Has undergone a harsh treatment. In this way, he has managed to cope with this harsh disease. It is necessary to indicate that it had to be voluntary, since it is a treatment still in the experimental phase.

Nevertheless, Adam Castillejo already has more than two years without HIV clues. Although it still needs to be monitored. For many it is already the second person who has managed to overcome the acquired immunodeficiency virus.

Happens that Adam Castillejo It is called the "London Patient”, Since he resides in that locality. Instead, the first person to receive this treatment is named Timothy Ray Brown, and he is known as "the Berlin patient."

Both in London and Berlin have requested volunteers. A few years ago it was learned of the development of a powerful antibody that would attack 99% of HIV strains. However, it was necessary to test this antibody.

Therapy is very specific to each person

Many believe that it is still too early to announce a cure for HIV. However, there are already two cases with favorable progress. The thing is, the medication and care were very different for both people.

Although the scientific basis is the same, it happens that one cannot speak of a generic treatment. Similarly, physicians want to maintain vigilance over both Timothy Ray Brown as with Adam Castillejo.

The treatment is quite aggressive on the defensive system. Therefore, you want to wait. However, it is already a huge step. No other medical care had spared patients from the harms of HIV for so long.

Do not forget that they are added decades of attempts to attack this virus. The speed of its diffusion complicated the diagnoses. Likewise, the complexity of the structure of this viral entity made it difficult to find a solution.

Adam Castillejo assumes a posture of hope in the midst of the pandemic

In middle of the pandemic coronavirus, it happens that this is a sign that medical science can save lives. The COVID it has just appeared, but with effort if you can get a vaccine or treatment.

All viruses are complex. Finding a way to counteract them is not easy. So scientists are slow to figure out how to eliminate them. So it seems occur with HIV, and this is the case with viruses such as smallpox.

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Will there also be a cure for Covid 19? Someday we will find it too. The good news of Adam Castillejo so it shows. You have to have hope!