4 yoga poses perfect for relaxation

The yoga practice It is as old as it is popular. More and more people choose it to take care of their body and calm their mind.

We live fast times, with commitments and responsibilities that can stress us, anguish us, generate anxiety or even make us physically ill. We often have a hard time stopping that rhythm. As a kind of inertia we feel that we have to be connected, attentive, answering messages or emails all the time.

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That's why it's so important to reconnect with yourself. For that, yoga is an indicated path. It helps silence for a moment all those noises (external and internal) and allows us to give ourselves a time of stillness.

Nowadays it is very common for people to suffer from insomnia, tensions, contractures or other issues that can hinder their relaxation. This article is addressed to all of them, where we will see the most suitable yoga postures to release the body, let the mind rest for a moment and give yourself to the pleasure of relaxation. You will see how later everything looks different.

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Child's posture or balasana

This posture is very simple. It can be done by both beginners and advanced, as it helps relaxation. To practice it, place yourself on your knees on a yoga mat or similar and bring the buttocks towards your heels. Place your hands on both sides of the body and leave your forehead resting on the mat. If you want to deepen the stretch of your back in relaxation, you can bring your hands forward, exerting opposing forces: the buttocks want to get close to the heels and the hands want to move in the direction that marks your crown.

Inhale and exhale slowly and deeply. In addition to helping relaxation, this posture relieves back and neck pain and helps stretch thighs, hips and ankles. If you already practice yoga, you can use it to rest between series and series, re-calming your breathing and your beats.

Corpse or Savasana Pose

Don't be scared by the name of this posture! It is so simple that you should concentrate to not fall asleep. It's simply about lying on your yoga mat with your back fully flat on the floor, your legs a little apart, your feet out, and your arms a little apart from your body so that your armpits and shoulders relax . The palms of the hands should go up. The eyes, gently closed and the lips a little ajar for the tongue, jaw and all the expression on your face to relax.

The idea of ​​posture is that you stay like this, inhaling and exhaling deeply, delivering the weight of your body to the ground. That is why it helps a lot to relax and also to meditation. While you practice it, try not to give rise to any special thoughts. Just focus on your breath.

Posture of the lying shoemaker or supta baddha konasana

This posture is ideal to help relaxation, especially of the hip, lumbar and the entire lower area of ​​the body. Lying on your yoga mat, you should glue floor to floor of both feet, as if forming a rhombus. The knees fall relaxed to the sides, and the back is resting on the floor, with the arms slightly apart from the body. Inhale and exhale deeply.

Diamond or Vajrasana Pose

This is a simple and very useful posture for relaxation and stretching of legs and back. To do it, get on all fours on your mat. Join the legs, supporting the buttocks on the heels. Then, put the palms of your hands on the thighs.

Remember: If you are having trouble sleeping, you had a difficult day or you are very tired, practice any of these postures before bedtime. Use your breath to release the tensions and purify the energy.


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