4 ways to clean your blinds without difficulty

Do you want to learn some tricks to clean your blinds? The cleaning of the blinds is usually a real headache for anyone. This, above all, when it comes to the exterior cleaning of shutters that are found in high-rise windows.

In practice, the cleaning of the blinds is essential for these to work properly, since the accumulation of dirt can affect its operation.

We must also remember that this cleaning is a fundamental part of the general maintenance of the windows, If the blinds are dirty, the windows will also look dirty and neglected. Next, we will see some tricks to clean your blinds without difficulty.

1. Clean the outside of your blinds from inside

The exterior cleaning of the blinds in homes that are at high altitude is a real problem. But leaving them dirty is not an option either. They look very ugly and if they are not cleaned their deterioration is accelerated in an unstoppable way. Even the operation can be compromised.

However, access to these blinds on the outside is a big risk that is not worth running. So … how to clean them? There are some things we can do from the inside and that will help to make the blinds cleaner on the outside, without having to disassemble them.

  • The first thing we need is a vacuum cleaner. In the case of roller shutters with a drum, It will be necessary to climb a ladder and remove the drum cover, which is at the top, inside the window.
  • To do this, it is necessary to pry with the help of a utensil if it was put under pressure, or unscrew it if it is screwed.
  • Next, you should suck inside the lid, because that's where a lot of dust usually accumulates. The best way is with the help of some object that allows us to keep the vacuum in height, so that the nozzle can reach well inside the drum.
  • The next step is to unroll the blind slowly and clean each strip with a damp cloth and the right product, depending on the material of each blind. Work in sections, passing the damp cloth horizontally and drying the surface immediately afterwards.

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2. Clean the inside of your blinds

Cleaning the inside of the blinds is usually easier. However, it is important that you use the right products.

Cleaning the inside of the blinds is much easier. First it is necessary to unwind them completely and vacuum to remove the dust.

  • It is preferable to use the attachment of the vacuum cleaner that has a brush on the tip to make the task easier and to avoid damaging the surface of the blind. You should always start at the top and go down little by little.
  • After it is cleaned with a damp cloth and some product adapted to the material of the blind. The cleaning should be done on each strip, starting in this case also by the top and lowering little by little.

3. The best products to clean your blinds

The products and elements for cleaning your blinds will not be the same if they are made of wood, metal or PVC. To obtain good results and protect the materials, it is essential to choose the right product for each case.

If the blinds are made of wood, it is preferable not to use water because moisture can penetrate the wood and damage it. There are special spray products that contain waxes and, in addition to cleaning, help protect the wood.

Metal blinds can be cleaned with a cloth impregnated with alcohol. This will facilitate the process since drying very quickly will not need to dry the surface with a cloth.

Finally, To clean the PVC blinds you can use a little soap dish dissolved in warm or hot water. Next, it will be necessary to wipe with pure water to remove any soap residues and a dry one to prevent the slats from oxidizing with the remains of moisture.

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4. Take advantage of cleaning the blinds to repair them

In addition to cleaning the blinds, you can take advantage to repair possible damages. This will prolong your life.

The cleaning routine of the blinds should be used to check the status of the different elements. It is the ideal time to repair any part that is damaged or damaged.

You can for example change broken stops, replace slats, etc. It is also a good opportunity to grease the guides with a suitable oil. This will make the glide smoother and prevent possible future damage.

Still do not take time to clean your blinds? Write down these tips and maintain them before they deteriorate.