4 types of hot tubs and their characteristics

Are you thinking of having a Jacuzzi at home? It is an excellent investment that will allow you to relax and have fun. Learn which is the best option!

Last update: 09 March, 2022

Who wouldn’t want to have a jacuzzi to spend the summer or enjoy a moment of relaxation? Also known as whirlpools, They are an excellent space to have fun and relax. Being smaller than a pool, they are easier to locate and have at home. In this article we talk about the types of Jacuzzis so you can choose the best option for your home.

In general, it is an investment in well-being. They are perfect to have a relaxation routine alone, a romantic night with your partner, a fun afternoon with friends or a game time with the children. In fact, they are ideal for hydrotherapy sessions.

According to a scientific publication, hydrotherapy has therapeutic effects. It could relieve some pain caused by inflammation or joint trauma, as well as stimulate good circulation.

How does a hot tub work?

The Jacuzzis They have a complex internal system that allows a flow of water through massaging jets. To do this they require a water outlet point, an electrical connection to drive the motor and a drain. All this in a flat and firm area inside the house.

The operation of Jacuzzis It is based on a series of water jets that exert various pressures with the impulse of the pump. These jets often come in different sizes, locations, and the ability to be graduated based on the desired pressure.

On the other hand, They have a blower that generates bubbles and an internal heater. which allows to maintain a pleasant water temperature. In addition, as it is a space that contains water for several weeks, it has a filtering system to maintain healthy conditions.

Hydrotherapy can use the pressure exerted by whirlpools.

types of hot tubs

There are different ways to classify Jacuzzis according to criteria such as its appearance, capacity and operation. Before buying one for your home, it is essential that you consider them all and buy the one that best suits your needs and space that you have on your terrace, garden or home.

1. According to your technology

This is the aspect that most determines the price of the types of Jacuzzis. In this way, you can get a basic one, buildable or removable, that it is a structure that swells and can be manipulated more easily. It is ideal for outdoors and to have a moderate investment. It will not last as long and will be more fragile.

On the other hand, you can find Jacuzzis very specialized with different jet systems, LED lights and even aromatherapy systems. Likewise, today it is essential to take into account energy expenditure.

2. According to the shape

One of the most obvious classifications of Jacuzzis It depends on its shape. This aspect It is key to adapt them to the space available at home.

They are usually round or square, but there are also heart-shaped, pentagonal, oval, rectangular and even designed to suit the owner.

3. Depending on your capacity

Another key aspect in choosing a jacuzzi is its size. As a general rule, they work for 2, 4, 6 or 8 people.

Also, you should keep in mind that size directly influences weightso you should not only look at whether it fits in the area, but also at the support capacity of the floor.

On the other hand, the jacuzzi It has two dimensions: one internal and one external. So you have to weigh the two. This means that the tub can be one size, but needs an outside mount that stops the motor.

4. According to its structure

There are two types of hot tubs in this regard: those that are built-in or those that go on the surface. The choice will depend on various factors.

On the one hand there is aesthetics. Embedded ones require more logistics and labor to install. However, they can also be more comfortable and suitable if you have children.

Installations of these devices require skilled labor to prevent short circuits.

Other keys to choosing the ideal type of Jacuzzi

In addition to the aspects that we already mentioned about the types of Jacuzzis, it is important that you consider other practical issues. First of all, the material must be non-slip.

Likewise, it is recommended that it has a good quality frame and antibacterial floors, which facilitate cleaning and prevent the proliferation of fungi.

If you are going to put it inside the house, it is essential that you have a ventilated space, because when hot steam is generated there is a risk of causing humidity.

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