4 tricks to wake up with more energy and take advantage of the mornings

When the summer heat gives no respite or rest at night Getting up like the stars of breakfast cereal commercials is tricky, but not impossible. There are many tricks to make getting up early not a torture, from putting the best sound that exists to get up (according to science) to the alarm clock, to properly planning our dinners giving them a tryptophan bonus so that we can fall asleep the first time . Let's do a count of the best tricks to wake you up with energy so you can take advantage of your summer from morning to night… and without the sheets sticking to you.

1. Eliminate from your mind the concept "10 more minutes"

If you are one of those who use the mobile as an alarm clock and use the alarm settings that allow it to ring again ten minutes later … bad. Turning our last minutes in bed into fragmented sleep is a true life energy thief And if you use this system, you will most likely wake up with very little desire. Instead of becoming a fan of the five or ten more minutes, plan your alarms taking into account the natural cycle of sleep: schedule a 90 minutes before the time you have to get up and another at the time you have to get up. This way you will wake up with all your REM phases and chakras well aligned.


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2. Start the morning with a glass of water

Morning fatigue, especially on the hottest summer nights, can be a symptom of mild dehydration. Help your brain wake up with a good glass of morning water. You will wake up your mind faster than if you had coffee.

3. Make the sun salutation

Stretching in the morning is a pleasure, so why not take it to the next level? During some of the phases of sleep, our body suffers from a kind of paralysis, called atony, in the legs and arms. That is why when we wake up it is so good for us to stretch. And is there a better way than stretching by doing the yoga sun salutation? If after drinking your glass of water you get used to doing this type of stretching every morning, you will notice how your endorphin level increases from the first hour of the day.


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4. Expose yourself to sunlight

The ideal of ideals is that after breakfast you could take a short walk in a green area first thing in the morning to increase your endorphin levels. But as this option is not always possible, there are others that have also been shown to be effective, for example, leave the blinds open so that the light of dawn helps us wake up and go out on the terrace or have breakfast on our terrace or balcony while looking into the distance. Relaxation and sunlight work miracles with our morning mood.

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