4 tricks to lose weight without starving that do not hide in your pantry

If your goal for this summer is to lose weight without losing patience, we can help you. To start off right, start with banish false myths about diet and weight loss from your mind that are weighing on the result you get when you step on the scale. In exchange for stopping believing in magical detox cures, spending the day counting calories and performing diets as fast as they are dangerous, we offer you solutions that do work to lose weight almost without realizing it, for example, speed up the metabolism, stop thinking that to lose weight we must go hungry and make a remodeling of our consumption habits and at the table. Here you have all the keys to get it.

1. Measure the size of the servings with your own hand

Not only what you eat matters, but also the size of the servings and the proportion of them. The palm of your hand will serve as a guide to know when you are eating too much. For a plate to be balanced it must contain a portion of protein the size of the palm of your hand; a source of carbohydrates (other than simple, for example, whole grains) the size of your fist and vegetables in the amount equivalent to two fists. Fat sources reduce them to the size of your thumb.

2. Drink more water

And not only because we are in August and hot, but because it is the easiest way to consume fewer calories a day. This was proven by a study that analyzed the diet of 18,000 people: those who took tthree more glasses of water a day took in 250 fewer calories a day.


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3. Don't give up what you like

Changing habits is the key to losing weight, but to change habits it takes time for new healthy behaviors that will make the fat that we do not want in our gut disappear from becoming a real habit. And that is not achieved only with willpower and motivation, but by being constant and aware of why we eat what we eat and giving us a 10% calorie indulgence.

To have a healthy diet you should know why the one you have done so far is not. A good way to learn this is to do a record of everything you eat at the end of the day during the month and then analyze it to see the patterns. Does your desire for candy skyrocket with the arrival of your period? When you're stressed, does your occasional glass of wine become your companion at every meal of the day? Knowing the weak points of your diet will help you to be consistent and avoid impulsive intake of foods with zero nutrients and many calories.

That said, if chocolate is the ultimate pleasure for you and you can't survive the weekend without having a cold beer, go for it. But including these occasional treats in your meal regimen, reserve 10% of the weekly calories for them (never more than that amount) and enjoy them when you need them most.


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4. Include fiber in all your meals

If you want to burn fat and lose weight, you have to pamper your intestine and there is no better way to do that than to include all the fiber you need in your diet. In general, we eat much less fiber than recommended (we should take 25 to 30 grams daily and we do not even reach 13) and that makes the intestine unable to absorb nutrients properly and we are hungry more often. A problem that is easily solved by including it in all your meals high-fiber foods (fruits, vegetables, whole grains, and legumes). And if you add foods rich in Omega-3 to the equation, all the better.

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