4 tricks to lose weight buttocks once and for all

When making the decision to lose weight, it is important to keep in mind that the loss of fat is not the same in all areas of the body. And the gluteus, precisely, is one of the most complicated parts because the accumulation of fat is greater. Therefore, if your goal is slimming gluteus and improve problems such as cellulite, it is necessary to use yourself thoroughly and put into practice a series of healthy habits focused on weight loss in this area.

Of course, before discovering all the tricks that we propose, we want you to burn this word: constancy. It is the key that will help you to make the rest of the recommendations effective. Ready? Let's go there!


8 foods that contain healthy fats

Say goodbye to the ultraprocessed

To lose weight, food is essential. In fact, as you know, it is necessary that the calorie intake be less than the daily caloric expenditure. But if you want lose fat In an effective way, apart from that, the best thing is that you eliminate or reduce the ultra-processed ones to the maximum of your diet. These foods are high in calories and poor quality ingredients, so changing them for healthier ones will help you a lot. What are we talking about exactly? From pastries, ice creams, cookies, fried snacks, precooked foods, meat or ultra-processed fish such as sausages or crab sticks … Basically they are all those products that you find in the supermarket and have an infinite list of ingredients or additives that you do not even know what they are.

Instead, bet on vegetables, fruits, nuts, legumes, fish, meat … come on, the food of a lifetime! All of them are loaded with nutrients, they will provide your body with what it needs (fiber, proteins, good quality fats, vitamins …) and will help you lose weight in a healthy way. However, remember that to lose weight you will have to adapt the quantities to your lifestyle. If you have doubts about this, going to a dietitian-nutritionist will be the best option.


For drink? Water!

Yes, water is always the best option. Soft drinks, packaged juices and alcohol add many calories and sugars to our daily intake without us noticing. These become fat and go to the rear, among other areas. So, as a rule, it's best to drink water, which also helps fight fluid retention Oh! And the infusions without sugar, like green tea or chamomile, are also suitable.

Exercise: cardio and toning

The most appropriate type of exercise to lose weight in the gluteus and the body in general is the cardiovascular: walking, running, cycling, swimming, dancing … Choose the activity that you like and practice it, at least, three times a week in sessions of about 1 hour. All of them, by increasing the heart rate, increase caloric expenditure and fat loss.

On the other hand, it is also very important that you do specific exercises to tone your buttocks such as squats, strides or step exercises. In this way, apart from hardening the area, you will also facilitate the process of weight loss, since the increase in muscle mass helps to accelerate the basal metabolism. You can do them after cardio or alternate the days to vary the activity.


Cosmetic products and other treatments for the buttocks

Important! This last trick can help you to improve the results, but it is very useful without the previous steps. However, if you combine them with a healthy diet and exercise, they can be interesting.

Creams to treat localized fat or cellulite improve the appearance of the skin and help it stay smoother. And if what you are looking for are more powerful treatments, you can resort to mesotherapy, cryolipolysis or pressotherapy. They are indicated for the reduction of localized fat as well as for cellulite or flaccidity. The professional will advise you which treatment is most appropriate for your case and the number of sessions you need.

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