4 tricks that will help you reduce your body fat (and that do not consist of starving)

It may surprise you to know, but you need fat on your body to be healthy. Fat helps protect organs and joints, allows you to control your body temperature, contributes to the assimilation of vitamins (and its storage) and is a source of energy for cells. To do all this, the female body needs 12 to 20% of its body weight to correspond to fat. But if you are reading this, surely your problem is that you have more stored fat than you need and exceed that 20%. The good news is that if you change some habits in your lifestyle, such as learning to speed up your metabolism, you can help your body burn off that surplus. Do you want to know how? Well, point out these tricks to eliminate fat and avoid storing it.

1. Analyze what you move … and eat accordingly

It happens to all of us: we exercise 20 and we think that this way we burn two million calories … and it is not like that. In fact, there are those who indulge in a sweet and caloric treat thinking that as they are going to go to the gym later they will “burn” it. And no, unfortunately they are wrong. A Canadian study showed that both men and women who go to the gym and are at their weight They calculate that they expend up to four times more calories in their training than they actually burn. And that in people who train and are in their weight, if you are a sedentary person and you hardly move (which causes you to have less muscle mass and therefore you are much less likely to burn the extra calories) the picture worsens a lot.

The solution? Be realistic with your physical activity, adjust your food rations to how you move throughout the day and kick the empty calorie habit forever. An especially important tip if your day to day is not especially physically hectic. Remember that so that that aperitif beer does not turn into fat you need to walk 40 minutes and a vanilla ice cream is 103 minutes of walk.


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2. If you don't have time, sign up for HIIT

Burning fat means moving more. Even a 20-minute walk before dinner is better than doing nothing at all. But if you really want to get down to it and your difficulty exercising is that you can't find time, try high intensity interval training or HIIT. A study published in the British Journal of Sports Medicine found that this type of training in which two types of intensities alternate (one high and the other basic) allowed burn 28% more fat than lifelong aerobic training.

3. Play sports in good company

Can your best friend help you lose fat? Well yes, if you meet to move together. All studies indicate that doing sports in company is more beneficial than doing it alone. Not only does it help to combat stress (another risk factor for accumulating fat) but it also makes us more consistent in our goals and we are more motivated to exercise daily. If your friends are not to move too much, find a sports club in your area that will help you combat sedentary lifestyle.


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4. Relearn to eat

Turning off the television to eat helps you lose fat. A study from the University of Minnesota found that families who ate in front of the television not only consumed more calories than they needed because they were less conscious of the servings they ate, is that, in addition, they made worse nutritional choices. Recover your taste for after-dinner meals and family meals and turn off the television at meal times. And if you take the dishes already served to the table, all the better: it is proven that if we do it like this we consume 20% fewer calories per day.

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