4 tips to avoid the flu this winter (because because of the coronavirus it is more important than ever that you do not get it)

Flu and coronavirus symptoms look alike, but it's not just confusion that you should protect yourself from. The flu is not just a cold, It is the infection that in the last winter season caused 27,700 hospitalizations in Spain, 1,800 admissions to UCIS and 3,900 deaths. This year the outlook could be even worse if we take into account that the same person can be infected with flu and coronavirus at the same time. To avoid this disaster, in addition to getting a flu vaccine if you belong to a risk group or are pregnant, it doesn't hurt to take precautions. Here is a list of everything the experts advise to help you escape the flu this year.

1. How to prevent the flu: follow the 3M rule

Hands, mask and meters. Although flu and coronavirus are not the same, of course, the way to avoid both is very similar: lwashing hands with soap and water often, wearing a mask when we are not at home (and at home if we are unwell or one of the partners is sick) and maintaining a distance of two meters between people with whom we do not live. And remember, the flu, like the coronavirus, likes crowded environments, that's why it is better to stay in open spaces and avoid crowds.

2. How to prevent the flu: check your vitamin D levels

It is one of the most important vitamins for our immune system, but this year, between the confinement that avoided a lot of sun exposure and the unhealthy diet we are eating, we may not have all we need. The symptoms of vitamin D deficiency are a bit diffuse, but it is convenient not to lose sight of them. Among them are fatigue, low mood, problems in the mouth (gingivitis, cavities …) and insomnia. If you suspect that this may be your case you can ask your doctor to check your vitamin D levels to prescribe a specific supplement if necessary.


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3. How to prevent the flu: disinfect commonly used objects often

Bleach isn't just for the coronavirus, it also kills the flu virus. A person may have no symptoms and still spread the flu, so it doesn't hurt to clean and you often disinfect the surfaces of objects you share with others, like for example the controls of the television and the doorknobs of the doors.

4. How to prevent the flu: lock your toothbrush

There are things that nobody wants to share and among those things are viruses. To avoid unnecessary risks, do not share your pillow with anyone (the flu virus survives in bedding for up to 24 hours), do not share your plate of food or the glass in which you put your toothbrush. Better each brush in its own glass and if it can be safe from inopportune sneezes, all the better: the vius can travel via sneeze to the bristles of the brush and stay there waiting for you to wash your mouth.

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