4 tips for decorating gray walls

Gray has established itself as one of the favorite colors for painting walls. Let's see with what tones we can combine it and complement its neutrality.

Last update: September 26, 2021

Why is gray a favorite for painting home interiors? For many reasons, but mainly because it can be combined with almost any color. This is because it is considered a neutral shade that falls between bank and black. Within our tips for decorating gray walls there are options for all tastes.

There are so many ranges of gray that allow us to play with a wide variety of proposals that will bring elegance, modernity and freshness to your spaces. Let's review some of the advantages of painting gray walls and what are the best tips for decorating them.

Benefits of gray walls

One of the most important advantages of gray walls is that will never go out of style. The tone is timeless and it always depends on what we add to it to vary from a classic style to a more modern one. This color is a trend because its neutrality matches almost all types of furniture, decorative objects and textiles.

Secondly, gray gives a feeling of delicacy and neatness to spaces. It is a color that transmits order, calm and well-being. It is ideal if you do not want white walls, but want to preserve the neutrality of this color.

In addition, it is for any gender, because it is not exclusively associated with men or women. With what you use to complement it, you will be giving it your own style.

Tips for decorating gray walls that always look good

Next we are going to review 4 tips that you can take into account to decorate gray walls in any of their ranges. The idea is that you you can adapt them to your tastes, spaces and budgets.

A single section of gray is enough to incorporate this tone and complement others that are in the furniture.

1. Select the colors that best suit gray

There are many colors that go well with gray, but we have chosen these:

  • We start with a classic combination that brings a lot of light: gray and white. A bit cold, but it never fails to achieve a calm and elegant atmosphere. You can add a textile element in warm tones.
  • It can be blue in all its ranges, up to light blue and even turquoise. A blue armchair, light blue curtains or turquoise cushions will be in harmony with the gray.
  • Being of warm tones, browns or earth colors warm gray. Beige, ivory or egg are shades that blend very well.
  • In all its ranges, from soft lilacs to deep purple, violet stands out as an option. The best way to combine them is gray on the wall as a backdrop and purple textile accessories.

2. Contrast to achieve a good effect

Our suggestion is that you opt for a focal point in the room, that is of an intense color and makes a strong contrast with the gray of the walls. You can choose one of the colors that we have already mentioned and add it to an object that has a presence in the room.

If it's the bedroom, it could be the purple or red back of the bed. In a dining room, light white curtains with others of a stronger color, such as an orange.

3. Decide what environment to paint gray

All the spaces in your home can have gray painted walls, because as we have already seen, this color adapts to any environment. Little by little, gray is displacing white as a neutral tone that provides luminosity and combines with everything.

For example in kitchens, the favorite combination seems to be gray walls and white furniture or vice versa. Gray on the walls gives the kitchen a clean and tidy look.

In the case of the bathroom, if we cover the walls with gray tiles, silver, turquoise or light blue guards can be inserted. If we talk about the bedroom, the options are multiplied in the bedding, the cushions, the backrest and an armchair.

4. Go for good accessories

In the details you will find the most beautiful and successful combinations. Let's see some objects that blend into gray walls and have an excellent result:

  • Gray walls and white trim is a classic that always looks good. To this we add that, if you have walls at different levels, one of them can be painted in another color.
  • Cutting the gray of the walls with white shelves is a good idea that will add elegance to the environment. Maybe you can add some vibrant colored objects to give a special touch.
  • The proposal is that picture frames or picture frames are colored. It is a way to stop the neutrality of gray: In addition, the colors can be in tune with other accessories, such as rugs or cushions.
  • Always depending on the type of room, the furniture has a lot to contribute. They can become the focus of attention in the room. A sofa in light tones with cushions in colors that accompany the gray is a good alternative.
  • Cushions, curtains, bedding, and rugs are able to bring color to rooms. It's just a matter of combining them well so that the final result is harmonious and contrasting at the same time.
The gray walls in the bathroom give the feeling of cleanliness and neatness.

Last tip for decorating gray walls: go for color

Surely many of us agree that gray is one of the best colors to paint the walls for the wide range of combinations it supports. It allows us to play with textures and tones that will make our spaces cozy, elegant and original places.

We suggest that you adapt these tips to your home and that you encourage yourself to explore the different shades of gray. Neutralize with a color that adds personality to the design.