4 things you should not do when you wake up if you want a happy and productive day

The first moments of the day are crucial to determine what will be the approach with which we will handle in our work and interactions with those around us until we go back to sleep at night.

Therefore, it is important to start our mornings with appropriate habits that allow us to be as calm as possible and, at the same time, maximize our productivity.

These are four bad habits that take us away from a stress-free morning, and its possible alternatives.

Look at the phone

We are so used to smartphones that on many occasions, the first thing we do on the day is to check our notifications on social networks, emails and direct messages.

According to the psychologist María Hurtado, from the AGS Psicólogos Madrid clinic, "to end the dream with the alarm of an alarm clock leads the brain to go from 0 to 100 in a matter of seconds"

That is, the alarm alone causes enormous stress and the infinite notifications of your cell phone also do not help, throwing you headlong to a list of "what to do" when you are just starting the day.

Instead, it is recommended to do relaxation exercises for 5 to 10 minutes when opening your eyes. Breathe deeply and keep the body relaxed. These exercises help improve concentration, regulating stress during the first moments of the day.

Get up just in time

Most people will agree that getting up too fair in time is very stressful. Going against the clock always produces a feeling of adrenaline that is not very suitable for the morning.

It can cause bad mood or irritability. Losing calm from the first hours only ends in fatigue, muscular tension and other negative emotions that will cause irritation and, ultimately, a bad day.

The alternative is simply to go to sleep earlier to get up earlier. This will avoid the stress of busy mornings, which will almost inevitably become stressful days.

Drink coffee


We must avoid that our first meal of the day is accompanied by a very high effort and a dose of stress. When we wake up, the ideal thing is to slowly get used to the vigil, not to fill ourselves with energy in a single jump.

The recommendation is to let two or three hours go by since we get up to drink coffee.

Use public transport or the car

It is understood that for many people there is no choice but to use vehicles to get to their work, but we should get used to giving some priority to walking a part of the journey.

Browsing the crowded traffic of the early hours is a very stressful situation. Several studies confirm that the more time is spent in the car, the more our psychological well-being deteriorates.

Walking helps to oxygenate and exercise the body. This promotes relaxation and activates our mind, fostering creativity and giving us a greater sense of general well-being. In addition, it allows us to take a short "sun bath", which provides vitamin E.

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What do you think of these recommendations? Do you do any of these things in the morning?


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