4 things you do wrong with your clothes in the closet and you didn’t know

Do you want to have a perfect wardrobe, but you can’t? In this article we will teach you some common mistakes and tricks to help you reach your goal!

Last update: February 15, 2022

Having an organized wardrobe where clothes can be found quickly is a goal for many! Although it seems like an impossible task, there are some tricks that allow you to organize the clothes in the closet and keep it as if it were a warehouse. In addition, we will show you errors that you must avoid to take care of your clothes.

The way in which we structure the spaces of our home also responds to the way we want to organize our lives. In fact, a disorganized and chaotic closet tends to create stress for us.

On the other hand, the arrangement of clothes, shoes, bags and accessories in the wardrobe has a direct influence on your care. However, many times we do not know it and that means that we end up with double work or that we shorten the useful life of things. Here are some actions you should avoid to take care of the clothes in your closet.

1. Being overdressed

Although sometimes we believe that the more clothes we have the better, the reality is that this is not the case. The important thing is to have enough clothes and that it fits you well, in a way that allows you to mix and match to create different outfits.

Many people tend to accumulate excess clothing that they never wear or are no longer their size. If you want to have an organized and well thought out wardrobe, it is best to choose only those clothes that you really wear.

Renowned consultant Marie Kondo points out in her book happiness after order that only 2 skills are necessary to achieve order in our house: keep what we like and decide where to put each thing we have kept.

An organized wardrobe is the first step to not having too many clothes and to dress well.

2. Leave everything for later

It is common that when getting ready to leave the house you are in a race against the clock. Indecision about how to dress and the need to try on various clothes create a combo for clutter.

In this way, it is common for we end up throwing in the closet the clothes we don’t use, without folding or hanging them well. This usually comes with the phrase “I’ll fix it later”. This is a very big mistake, because it makes the clothes end up wrinkled or damaged.

3. Do not store the garments according to their characteristics

Each type of fabric or material has specific characteristics. For example, knitted garments should not be hung, as they end up stretching. In this way, the tissue is damaged very soon. It is best to fold them and put them together.

Likewise, it is a mistake not to close snaps or zippers and not check pockets. When this is not done, the clothes can be deformed more easily.

Blouses and shirts must be hung buttoned to avoid excessive wrinkles. Also, delicate garments, made of lace or silk, should be put aside.

4. Not ordering with strategy

The concept of having a good wardrobe is not only related to its aesthetic part. Indeed, functionality is important.

The way you order the things you keep there must respond to the use What are you going to give them? In other words, if on a day-to-day basis you dress more in exercise clothes than in party clothes, it should be located where it is easier to access it.

Tips for having a perfect wardrobe

The concept of perfect wardrobe It is closely linked to the needs of each person. There are those who prefer to have their clothes organized by colors, sizes and seasons. However, there are others who do not give so much importance to colors.

Divide objects by categories

If you want to have an organization that allows you to easily locate the garments, the best thing you can do is organize them by categories. In this way, it will be easier for you to assemble your outfits, differentiating where each thing is located.

Otherwise, if you have everything mixed up, the larger objects (bags, coats, boots) will hide the smaller ones. In this case, it is valuable to apply the popular saying of “each thing in its place”.

clean it frequently

When cleaning the home, it is not common to open the closet and remove the dust that accumulates there. The next time you clean your house, it is very likely that you will be surprised by the dirt that can accumulate in the closet. Especially on the floor, where you put your shoes.

To clean it you can pass the vacuum cleaner. First you must be careful that no accessory has fallen in the area. Also, with a damp cloth clean the shelves.

Pay attention to the shoes

Shoes are not usually the objects that receive the most attention. However, poor care of them can make the closet a mess and smell bad.

It is best to air out the shoes before putting them away. and clean them with bicarbonate frequently to avoid the generation of unpleasant odours. Also, for nothing in the world keep them wet in the rainy season.

If for any reason they are wet, clean them immediately and wipe them dry. In addition, you can use a dryer to speed up the process.

The bad smell in the shoes can affect the entire wardrobe, ruining other clothes.

Don’t mix accessories

This is one of the best tips you can follow! Jewelry tends to get mixed up and tangled very easily. Therefore, it is best to have boxes or organizers that allow you to separate bracelets, chains, rings and earrings.

Separate clothes by seasons

If you live in a country with marked seasons or have clothes from different seasons, it is best to separate them. You can even keep well folded the one that is not in use at that moment, somewhere out of the way or in the highest places in the closet.

Bet on slow fashion for your wardrobe clothes!

With the need to make urgent changes for the sustainability of the planet, the slow fashion wave circle fashion They are concepts that have come to stay. Instead of having consumption habits in which many clothes are bought and quickly discarded, it is better to invest in quality garments that last a long time and do not involve the depletion of natural resources.

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