4 solutions to clean stone walls

When deciding to cover the walls of the home or office there are several factors that come into play. For example, we should take into account the durability, the decorative style and the maintenance that is required. In case you have chosen stone for your walls, we invite you to read this article to learn how to clean stone walls in a simple and economical way.

We are going to give you 4 homemade and infallible techniques so that the material remains as new, without deteriorating. With very few elements, which you surely have at home, you can extend the useful life of your stone walls.

Solutions to clean stone walls

Stone walls add a distinctive and personal touch to home environments. They can transform a space completely, highlight the furniture, provide warmth in winter and freshness in summer.

They can be used indoors to highlight the fireplace or give importance to a wall and add elegance. Likewise, on the facade of a house they are ideal for generating separations and giving volume to some sections of the construction.

Currently there is a lot of variety on the market, both in textures and in colors and shapes. They are more or less porous, smooth, regular and so irregular and different from each other that it is sometimes a difficult puzzle to put together.

However, there are two characteristics of the stone that define it and they are the following: it is a natural and porous material. Being of natural origin, its shapes are irregular and no two are alike that fit perfectly. On the other hand, the pores of the stone make it easily absorb stains and dust.

Water, soap, vinegar and lemon are products that never fail when it comes to cleaning. Let's see below 4 ways to clean stone walls.

Some solutions to clean stone walls can be used for other objects, such as vinegar with jewelry.

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1. Water vapor

This method is the least abrasive and the most natural of all to clean the stone. In this case we will need a brush to clean while we apply steam.

There are some household products that simulate an industrial steam engine. In addition to being used to clean stones, they are useful for cleaning certain appliances. The operation is quite simple and you will only need steam and the brush to gradually remove the dirt that the heat will loosen.

2. Vinegar and lemon

This alternative proposes two ingredients that you almost certainly have at home. Both have proven to be very effective in cleaning the home.

For the case of stone walls we are going to mix equal parts of vinegar and lemon with water and we will apply on the surface of the wall with a soft sponge. It is important that we then remove the preparation with a cotton cloth that does not leave lint between the nooks and crannies.

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3. Soap and water

Sometimes the best solutions are found in simplicity. For this option we are going to place white soapy water in a container to form soapy water.

With a sponge or soft brush we will pass this preparation on the stone walls and that's it. Remember to use lint-free cloths.

4. Water and ammonia

We will mix water with ammonia diluted in soap and we will go over the stone walls with this solution. We recommend wearing gloves to avoid contact of this substance with your hands. The proportions may vary according to the different brands of the product.

This preparation will also help you clean the walls that are covered with paint. It will instantly remove grease and dust stains.

Vinegar and lemon is a home combination that is useful for cleaning a variety of surfaces.

Clean stone walls following instructions

In case of opting for special stone cleaning products, We suggest you read the labels carefully to choose the most suitable for your wall. Although it is a strong and durable material, it can be sensitive to certain chemicals.

We hope you can opt for some of these cleaning techniques. You will see that your walls will be like new. In addition, you have options that are easy to specify with the elements of the home, so there are no excuses to maintain the stone that you chose as a decorative motif.