4 remedies to treat flatulence naturally

If you are looking for a way to treat flatulence naturally you should know that some medicinal plants can be very effective: cumin, fennel, cinnamon and ginger.

Discover in this article what are its properties to reduce gas and improve digestion, as well as how to consume them. We also share some tips that will be of great help to you.

Remedies to treat flatulence naturally

1. Cumin

Cumin has carminative properties that help the treatment of flatulence.

Add a little cumin (Cuminum cyminum) to meals can be very useful to combat flatulence, as shown by different studies. Especially in those stews that cause more swelling, such as legumes.

Cumin, by eliminating flatulence, also would help reduce the abdominal pain that these cause. And, in general, being rich in cumin aldehyde, promotes good gastrointestinal function.

Further, Black cumin is also mentioned (Nigella sativa) as an effective solution, since it is rich in alkaloids and volatile oils. In this case, it is proposed to combine it with honey and other antiflatulent medicines.

2. Fennel

The second remedy to treat flatulence naturally is fennel. In fact, both seeds and roots and leaves are used to facilitate the expulsion of gas from the digestive tract.

Fennel is a medicinal plant very common in digestive remedies. Especially when we suffer abdominal swelling after eating. In addition, it is also a good intestinal regulator, both for constipation and for diarrhea.

We can take fennel infusion and also add it raw to our salads, juices, smoothies, stews, etc. We can also take it in capsules or use its essential oil to massage the abdomen.

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3. Cinnamon

Cinnamon is a very popular spice that stands out for its anti-inflammatory, antimicrobial, antioxidant, antidiabetic and anticancer virtues. Therefore, it is also a potent digestive remedy.

Cinnamon is very beneficial when it comes to treat flatulence naturally and relieve gas in general. It is also recommended in cases of indigestion, intestinal parasites and to improve liver function.

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4. Ginger

For its anti-inflammatory and digestive properties, ginger can help relieve gas and indigestion.

Finally, ginger is an excellent remedy for the digestive system. This rhizome stands out for its content in gingerol, a compound that increases gastrointestinal activity. Y, Besides having carminative properties, it is also a good natural laxative that does not irritate the intestine.

We can take the dried ginger (powder) or fresh. We can prepare it in tea or add to all kinds of stews, soups, juices, smoothies, fish, etc., since it has the ability to enhance the flavor of the food and provide juiciness.

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Advice to prevent flatulence

Below we share some tips that, together with the medicinal remedies that we have cited, could help us to prevent flatulence definitively:

  • One of the causes of flatulence is eating in the wrong way. We should get used to chew food well, without hurry and in a calm and stress-free environment.
  • We will also avoid conversations and discussions during that time. And, if some subjects are treated, we will try to make them pleasant and positive. Keep in mind that bad impressions are also digested.
  • People with a tendency to gases should opt for simple meals and easy digestion, without combining too many foods at once. For example, avoid dairy inside other foods, as well as salads and some fruits like watermelon and melon. It is preferable to take these foods alone.
  • Eating more than our digestive system needs also favors flatulence, since it is an overload for the stomach. Therefore, it is preferable Eat more times but less quantity.
  • Avoid drinking a lot of water while we eat. It is healthier to do it throughout the day, outside meals.
  • Do not eat if we do not feel hungry.
  • Avoid foods that we know cause flatulence. And, if we suspect any food intolerance, go to the doctor to perform the relevant analyzes.

Now we know some herbal remedies to treat flatulence naturally. However, we must also make some changes in our diet and in our way of eating to avoid them permanently.