4 myths about pornography you should know

Consumed by many and demonized by others, it is the order of the day. Instant access to sexual content over the internet is easy, even for minors. Therefore, it is important to debunk some myths about pornography that may be harming your sex life.

The knowledge about sexuality of many people has been influenced by these productions, which are still fiction. Sex education received by previous generations was almost non-existent and loaded with prejudices and taboos.

Today there is a greater openness and awareness regarding its importance, however, many times we continue to resort to inappropriate sources. And this inappropriate choice can condition the way we live sexuality, loading us with anxieties and pressures.

Porn myths worth knowing

Sculptural bodies, fanciful and unlikely situations and feigned pleasure are some recurring elements in pornography. If we take them as true and expected, our sex life can become frustrating and unsatisfying. Therefore, it is important to discern and demystify these contents.

The scenes of pornography are fictional, but if we do not recognize that, then our expectations in real life are affected.

1. Bodies are real, not perfect

As for tastes, there is nothing written and each person can have different opinions regarding the type of bodies that are attractive to them. However, unrealistic images and unattainable standards are often featured in pornography.

Actors can follow strict diets and intense workouts, because they live off their image. In addition, it is common that they have undergone surgeries and editing touch-ups.

In everyday life we ​​find different, real and imperfect bodies. And this should not make us complex or prevent us from enjoying sexuality. By comparing ourselves or our sexual partners to these standards we only increase discomfort and worry.

2. Each meeting is different and not all are from a movie

Pornography shows a partial and biased context of sexual encounters. In her, the protagonists are always willing and fully trained to carry out intense and prolonged sessions of sexual activity. The reality is that sex is a human activity and, as such, it is conditioned.

People are not always in the physical, mental or emotional conditions to have extraordinary encounters. Sometimes they may feel tired or out of focus; they may experience dysfunctions, not reach orgasm, or prefer short-term sexual activity. And this is natural and it's okay.

3. Preferences are personal

Consuming pornography without proper sexual education can lead us to assume that all people enjoy certain types of practices. Or to think that they should enjoy them. However, this is not true and it is essential to respect personal preferences.

There are those who find domination practices erotic and there are those who find them degrading and unpleasant. Similarly, some people may want to engage in threesomes or anal sex, while for others this does not arouse any interest. Knowing our tastes and limits is so fundamental how to make sure we respect the other person's.

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4. Sex is not always easy and fast

Spontaneous, fast-paced, and hassle-free encounters are another great myth about pornography that we have to banish. Depending on the individual and the specific circumstances, casual, quick, and spontaneous sex may at some point prove satisfying. However, generally speaking, excitement has to be built and this takes time.

Women, especially, need a progression in which gestures, words, caresses and attitudes help to awaken desire and increase physical and psychological arousal. Without this element, sexual intercourse can be unsatisfactory and even painful.

In addition, if other types of practices are to be carried out, such as anal sex, preparation becomes more essential. Failure to do so may result in injury and make the experience extremely unpleasant.

Ultimately, it is important to remember that in pornography scenes are cut, manipulated and edited, but in real life the processes are different.

Sexual experiences in real life are far from those seen in pornography. It is important to consider that to enjoy.

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Go to reliable sources to debunk myths about pornography

It is very positive that every day there is a greater openness and fewer taboos regarding sexuality, that more and more people feel free to explore and learn new ways of enjoying themselves. However, pornography should not be the source of information and knowledge.

Taking it as a reference will only add pressures and unfulfilled expectations. It can lead to the appearance of sexual dysfunctions and lead to dissatisfaction.

Experts from all over the world offer clear and truthful information by different means: books, digital articles, popular magazines. You can even seek the guidance of a sexologist if necessary. Let us ensure that in this era of over-information our choices are appropriate.

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