4 materials you should have at home to take care of your emotional health

The internal decoration of the home influences the emotions. Find out what kind of elements should be at home to promote personal peace of mind.

Last update: 01 August, 2022

There are materials to take care of your emotional health that should not be missing in your home. Sometimes, without intention, design, furniture, shapes and light affect people’s behaviour.

For this reason, it is convenient that the decoration of a home goes beyond aesthetics and functionality, so that it offers a sensation of comprehensive well-being. In this sense, interior design is associated with emotional health and happiness. How is this possible? Next, we explain it.

What is emotional health?

The Madrid’s community defines well-being or emotional health as a calm state of mind that allows one to face daily pressures. Feeling good is essential, highlights an article published by the University of La Rioja.

The institution notes that well-being is not only the absence of disease; on the contrary, it is related to a satisfying life. And the environment has a lot to do with that satisfaction.

Relationship between interior design and materials to take care of your emotional health

The furniture and objects distributed in the house, in the office or in any place where you live affect your attitude in some way. Through interior design you intervene and adapt the spaces with materials to take care of your emotional health.

The University of Sciences and Arts of Latin America highlights that this artistic discipline contributes to the sensation of various emotions, without this necessarily being the main objective of the decoration.

One of the trends linked to this goal are natural components, that promote environmental awareness, lower stress levels, increase concentration and improve overall mood. This is stated by the National Association of Manufacturers of Parquet.

The presence of decorative elements with natural materials favors a relaxing atmosphere at home.

Incorporate materials at home to take care of your emotional health

Emotional health makes room for adapting the environment to benefit personal relationships, daily development and affections. By incorporating some pieces in your home you promote calm, you obtain quality of rest and create a harmonious atmosphere.

Make sure that the furniture, lamps, flower pots and other items installed in your home manufacture them with materials beneficial to your health. Next, review 4 elements that cannot be missing in your home.

1. Wood

This is one of the materials with the greatest presence in homes. Wood is organic and bohemian, and due to its thermal peculiarity it is linked to warmth. It is believed to help relax in case of insomnia and anxiety.

According to the Association of Wood Entrepreneurs of Navarra, contact with the fiber reduces blood pressure and heart rate. Also generates a feeling of comfort due to its close link with nature.

In this regard, a study by the University of British Columbia and FP Innovations concluded that wood decreases the activity of the sympathetic nervous system, which means a reduction in stress levels. Research highlights that this material creates a healthier environment. Take it home through the following objects:

  • Chairs.
  • tables.
  • shelves.
  • Paintings.
  • Wardrobes.
  • Coat hangers.
  • Key trays.

2. Jute

The jute or “golden fiber” acts as an insulator that cooperate with the tranquility in the spaces and the calm of your emotions. At home you integrate it through rugs, tapestries, chair covers and curtains.

Many times, this material is mixed with other synthetic or natural fibers for greater functionality, indicates a text from the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations.

3. Bamboo

Bamboo cleanses the air and improves oxygenation, which promotes relaxation and anxiety relief. The plant itself and other objects whose raw material is this element, provide an organic touch to your home.

Bamboos intercept noise, cold and heat, collecting them in the air chambers formed in their trunks. Such action influences a state of calm beneficial for emotional health.

4. Wicker

Vegetable fibers for wicker or rattan are also useful in the well-being of feelings. They represent elegant and comfortable components that offer special warmth. Whenever you include this kind of elements in your environment, in some way you maintain contact with nature and that is flattering.

Research published in Health & Place revealed that those who visit nature regularly feel that their lives are more worthwhile and are happier. Without a doubt, wicker is an incentive for feelings.

Wood, jute, bamboo and wicker are ideal materials to promote harmony in the home through decoration.

Other tips for the home that contribute to emotional health

You can create a minimalist decoration in a living room, in your bedroom, in the kitchen or in the area you prefer, advising yourself with interior designers who help achieve a balance for emotional health.

Simple lights, plants and sober furniture are appropriate in environments that pursue serenity. You will find greater tranquility in simple and refined atmospheres.

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