4 keys to transform your body in a month

To transform your body in a month, you do not need to starve yourself and spend hours in the gym every day. If you really want to achieve it, you must start small, have clarity about what you want, assimilate the changes and transform your routine so that your life is adapted to the changes.

These are fundamental pillars that you can maintain for a month. Unlike extreme diets and high intensity exercises, the following points are focused on fully transform and give you the necessary tools to continue month to month, increase the intensity of exercise, change your habits and more. If you follow them perfectly, you will feel the changes in just four weeks.

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Understand what you want

Do you need to lose weight, muscle, tone some part of your body? Maybe it's nothing physical and you want to feel more energized, move away from the past, improve your relationships. It does not have to be to change something in your body, but the things you choose to transform in your life must be clear to you. So, day by day, you can do something to improve even a little.


Start meditating five minutes a day. Even if you feel you can not, do not stop trying. Then it goes up to 15 minutes. There are some apps that can help you. Work with them to feel how those minutes really have an impact throughout the day. Your head needs to have clear things to be able to get out of the pond where it is and meditating is your best weapon to achieve it.

Cardio exercises

Doing 150 minutes of cardio a week is what you need to improve your mood, your overall health and lose weight. All this is fundamental to transform your body and your life. Remember that 150 minutes is the minimum. If, for example, you run almost every day, you will really feel the change after a month. Here it is important to remember that exercise does work if you also modify your eating habits, so during this month try to eat as healthy as you can.

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Toning exercises

Again you can use different apps to exercise. These will give you basic and effective routines to begin toning your body. It is crucial that you comply with them, even if your muscles hurt and you do not see changes during the first days. It is difficult, but if you fulfill it as if it were an obligation, you will really see results in a month.

Remember, it is the determination that will make you move forward. If you want to transform your body in a month, start today to cleanse your mind, prepare to exercise, stop procasting and be the change you want to see.

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