4 ideas for making lamps with bottles and bottles

The art of crafts and recycling are booming. Gone are the days when design and styling were synonymous with spending large sums of money. In this article we show you that good taste is not at odds with recycling with these 4 ideas to make lamps with bottles and bottles.

For starters, it's a different and original way to recycle the jars. But, in addition, it is the way to make a stay unique, with a fun, original and personalized style that will conquer all those who see it.

4 ideas for making lamps with bottles and bottles

1. In search of the perfect jars

To carry out this decorative project you will only need to collect several bottles or jars. It is important that you choose well, since the success of this craft resides in styling and good taste. It does not work with any bottle or any bottle that we take out of the fridge.

We must bear in mind that the width of the mouth of the bottle must be enough to fit a bulb, although The variety of light bulbs give us many possibilities. So, pay attention to the jars of your next purchase at the supermarket, because they can be the lamp in your living room.

The bottles and jars have the perfect shape to make personalized lamps. The final result is perfect for both interiors and terraces.

2. A stylish option: colorful bottles

To personalize and create a space by making it unique, you only need a few bottles of different colors and some skill. Thus you will get a very atmospheric colors effect that will project a sense of calm and calm in the room.

If you do not want to devote much time to this craft, you can simply Hang the colored bottles around the bulb, it is not necessary that there is a light bulb inside each bottle. However, the effect will be less intense but certainly not indifferent to any guest.

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3. Reusing the Christmas lights

One of the best ways to recycle is to get the most out of objects that are only used for something punctual. One of them is the lights with which we decorate the Christmas tree, which they are only protagonists for one week a year.

In this case we propose introduce them in bottles or jars to achieve an almost magical result. Also, being small lights we can use bottles of little opening. And, from there, we can let our imagination fly to combine them and give a special touch of light to any corner of the house.

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4. Candles, decoration more zen

If you are looking for ideas to make lamps with bottles and bottles but without any complications, you can choose the candles. You will only need some that allow you to introduce the candle and that there is a little gap between the flame and the glass.

In this way, you get a minimalist and relaxing decoration, ideal for homes with a zen touch. At the same time, you avoid risks by using the sail. However, do not forget that the bottle has to be open or have a minimum air intake so that the candle does not go out.

Candle lighting is a good alternative to create romantic or relaxing environments.

A thousand and one options of lamps with bottles and bottles

Have you noticed how pretty the liquor bottles are? Today we can find some that are almost artistic pieces, of different colors, bright or matte, with original forms, etc. They are, in themselves, potential lamps that do not need almost accessories.

Once we have the bottle that has conquered us, we must find the location. We can hang it, alone or with other bottles, or support it in some furniture or side table. The important thing is to compensate the style. That is, if it is a very ornate place, we will opt for a more minimalist lamp, while if it is a very simple room, we can create a more original lamp.

Now you have some ideas to make lamps with bottles and bottles of different types, with light bulbs, candles or Christmas lights. However, do not limit yourself to them and try what you have at hand, because that is really the essence of authentic recycling.