4 healthy eating apps that will help you eat better

The mobile is our faithful companion and thanks to the different applications that exist it can become a very useful tool for different areas of life. There is everything: sport, menstruation control, photography, fashion, travel, personal economy … And how could it be less, there are also apps focused on food.

Many of them focus solely on calorie intake, but this time we want to go further and we have selected four that offer varied functionalities that can be useful for healthy eating: from food choices to nutrition tips by professionals or recipes. We tell you what they consist of!


Healthy snack: the best snacks to lose weight

The coconut

This mobile application aims identify if a food is healthy or not. To do this, it offers the nutritional information (sugar, fat, salt …) and the calories of each product by scanning the barcode, or by accessing a history of foods that have already been scanned. These data are based on Nutriscore and NOVA, two systems recognized by the scientific community. The first is a labeling method that helps you buy more consciously and measures nutritional quality and the second indicates whether a product is ultraprocessed.

Thanks to the scan it is possible to use it anywhere, even while making the purchase, and in the history section it is possible to compare the product in question with others and choose the healthiest option.


Fruteriaapp: fruit and vegetables

Eating seasonal fruits and vegetables has different benefits: they are in their optimum point of maturation, so the quality of its nutrients and taste are better, have a lower cost and are more sustainable for the environment. If you want to know what they are at this time, this app allows you to access a list of seasonal fruits or vegetables, check the annual calendar and discover fruit shops and other nearby establishments (supermarkets included) in which to find fruits and vegetables.


Do you need ideas from healthy recipes? This app can be very useful because it recommends healthy and easy recipes based on the ingredients you have in your kitchen. The operation is as follows: you enter the food you have and the app suggests recipes that you can make in 20 minutes or less, all of them reviewed by nutritionists. This will allow you to eat healthy and make the most of the food you have at home. In addition, it offers the possibility to customize your profile with your preferences or type of food (foods you don't like, allergies, vegetarian or vegan diet …), consult recipes in an explorer organized by categories and access nutrition tips prepared by professionals in the "Learn" section.


This nutritionists app offers a free option and a paid option. In the first one they offer information on nutrition adapted to the interests of the user, option to ask questions of nutritionists, consult other questions and answers already made and try the premium option. This second version offers a healthy life plan or personalized weight loss that includes a study of the psychontricional profile, personalized advice from a dietitian-nutritionist by chat or phone, follow-up, resolution of doubts, shopping list, easy recipes and even exercises to lose weight and strengthen the muscles with explanatory videos.

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