4 benefits of drinking all the water you need a day according to science (and yes, one is that it helps you lose weight)

What if drink eight glasses of water a day a day yes or yes, if you have to drink without thirst… Water and hydration are full of myths and false beliefs that it is time to start banishing us from our routines. For example, drinking lemon water detoxifies the body (you can rest assured that your body already knows how to detoxify without the need for rare mixtures) or that if you are prone to retain liquids it is better not to drink too much water. Well, if we listen to scientific studies, yes, drinking water is the best form of hydration that exists and has multiple benefits for our health. Some of them you do not know and others that you expect to see in this list will not appear. This is all science says about how good it is to drink water:

1. Before training you must drink water to prevent stiffness and improve performance

Hydrating ourselves before exercising is as important as hydrating ourselves during it. Never forget that your muscles are 80% water and that is precisely what they need to overcome the effort you are going to put them through. Also, if you don't drink enough water before sports, your exercise routine will seem much more difficult to execute both physically and mentally, or so a study of the University of North Carolina.

2. The first victim of dehydration is your brain

If you notice that you have not clarified while you study or are at work … drink a good glass of water. The brain is very sensitive to dehydration, however slight. A study published in The Journal of Nutrition carried out on young women found that mild dehydration of just 1.4% of fluid loss is capable of causing a drop in mood, decrease in memory and concentration and even headache.

3. Drinking water is the easiest way to fight constipation

Not only fiber lives in the intestine, it also needs a good amount of water. Drink enough water a day (especially if it is mineral and rich in magnesium) It is the best ally for people who cannot go to the bathroom as often as they should according to a German study.


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4. And the definitive: yes, drink water, lose weight

Especially if it's done the right way and in the right amount (and compared to people who don't drink water, of course). A study of young women who were overweight showed that those who drank an extra 500 ml of water three times a day before meals for eight weeks they lost more weight and fat than those who did not. The best way to achieve this result? Drink that amount of water half an hour before the main meals of the day.

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