3 useful tips to organize your photos

Photographs are much more than printed paper or a set of pixels that represent bytes on a memory chip. They tell the story of who appears, who took it, the place, the day and the hour. So they are also a way of narrating and immortalizing. Although it is possible that with digital ones you will not achieve that and, for that reason, organizing your photos is key.

It must have happened to you that you lose your mobile, you have to format your laptop, you forget your file storage service account password and say goodbye to photos. You say goodbye to wanting precious memories.

Having them printed, feeling them and looking at them whenever you want is something you should do. Photographs are part of the construction of the image of a person. So, if you want to tell your story on the walls and tables, we give you ideas to organize your photos.

Essential family photographs

It is impossible not to include family photos in your home. In fact, they cannot be absent. To order them, you must first have them. The following are the essentials.

Family photos are a treasured memory that should be cared for and protected as such.

1. Photograph showing family unity

The family unit is among the main characteristics that are sought to be reflected in a home. So it would be the jewel among the photographs in a living room.

To give you an idea of ​​which one you should choose, we define the family unit in an image that reflects all the members of the group sharing brotherhood, company and respect. It could be a trip together, a special meal, or a birthday. Seeing it daily creates a sense of belonging.

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2. A photo of the members in stages of their life

Photos of the children when they were babies, when they were children or adolescents. Having her always close creates a sense of identity and helps build personality. It is to unite the present and the past with a person. So you cannot leave out the selection when organizing your photos, the happy baby, the naughty child and the intellectual or rebellious teenager.

3. Day-to-day photography

You should not only put photos of special moments. Photos that reflect the day-to-day life of a person or family are also important. Bathing the baby, the mother cooking, a child playing or the father building a crib.

4. Photo of a special day

Of course, The photographs of the special days are unmissable. Choose those of the children on the beach, in amusement parks, going to the circus or on their first day of school.

5. With pets

Pets are part of the family too. Surely everyone will want to remember the dog they had a few years ago or the neighbor's cat that was always around the house. You can include one or two when organizing your photos.

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6. Photo of the extended family

A photo of the extended family includes grandparents, uncles, and cousins. If possible, even great-grandparents. This image reminds everyone of them, especially those that are not seen frequently.

Tips for organizing your photos

Since you know what are the essential images to place in home decoration, so now we bring you these tips to organize your photos in a way that matches your style. Also to take special care with prints.

1. Debug the images

Whether you want to print the photos you have in digital or if you have them in your hands, you should start debugging and filtering your images. Choose based on your own list or the one we already provide you. It may not be an easy decision, so you can choose accompanied by other people.

Even if you are not going to put them in plain sight, you should organize your photos in an album or a scrapbook. Your memories must be well preserved. To order digital files there are applications that will make the process easier for you.

2. Put labels to organize your photos

When you have the photographs that you are going to put on the living room or walls of your home, the remainder should be classified by life stages, years, or places in albums. For example, "1985-1990", "Carlota's childhood" or "Trip to Africa 2000". Albums can take up a lot of space, so you can put them together with books or in boxes.

There are online storage applications and services that make it easy to organize your photos.

3. Use proper conservation

Printed photographs are prone to damage due to handling, age and type of storage. Depending on how they are handled, they can suffer abrasions from the binder or emulsion, as well as scratches, wrinkles and cuts. Fingerprints start chemical reactions on them.

Therefore, when handling a photograph, it is advisable to take special care, such as wearing gloves, always taking them by the edge and not putting them one on top of the other. Digitization is a way to organize your photos to have a backup in case they get damaged.

Storage can also hurt a photograph, so direct sunlight and pressure under heavy books should be avoided. The ideal would be an album with a neutral paper and light flaps.

Organizing your photos takes time, but you have to do it

How are you going to order your photos? Take into account that they are precious memories that should be treated as such. It is always pleasant to sit down with an album in your hands to laugh, cry or appreciate the most epic moments of a person's existence.

This task will take time, but it is well spent. It is always preferable to have had the basic precautions and not regret the spoiling of a photo that was difficult to get or that recalls a key event.