3 tricks to speed up metabolism and lose weight that science approves

Actually, to lose weight and speed up your metabolism, you don't have to follow a specific diet. It only takes a series of clear concepts, the first of which is that what science understands by metabolism and how to speed it up have little to do with what some gurus of diets have sold you that promise to lose a lot of weight in a while. record. But what is metabolism? And can it be "accelerated" at will? Metabolism is a term that describes all the chemical reactions in your body that keep you healthy. that's the scientific concept. But The word has become fashionable because it is actually used to name the metabolic rate or the amount of calories we burn. Thanks to this identification, ordinary mortals believe that the higher, or better said, accelerated your metabolism, the more calories you will burn and the easier it will be to lose weight and not gain it back. Unfortunately, there are more myths about speeding up your metabolism than tactics that actually work. Luckily We have compiled three of the keys to speeding up metabolism that science has proven to work. Take note.

1. Take protein with every meal

Part of the calories that we ingest our body uses to digest those same calories, but there are foods that make us spend more calories than others to digest. Proteins have been shown to increase metabolic rate by 15-30% (hydrates only increase it by 5-10% and fat by a maximum of 3%). So it is a good idea that proteins are present in every meal of the day, and when we say proteins we are also referring to those of plant origin. Take them into account when making your menus.


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2. Remember that you have to get up from the chair at work

The long working hours sitting at the computer not only take their toll on us, they also make us fat. It is proven that spending long periods of time sitting down causes our metabolism to slow down and we burn significantly fewer calories daily, which can cause us to increase our pants size. The solution? Alternate periods of sitting with others in which we develop our standing activity. Take advantage of the phone calls to walk, go for water, eat your mid-morning snack standing … in short, Get up more and you'll be able to add 174 calories to your daily caloric expenditure.

Drinking tea and cold drinks help activate metabolism.

3. Get fond of drinking green tea

As he green tea like oolong tea (a Chinese tea that is green to black) They help convert some of the fat stored in the body to free fatty acids, which can increase fat burning by 10–17%. Also, Both drinks help prevent the yo-yo effect of diets and combat the plateau effect of diets: the one that prevents you from getting stuck in weight loss even if you eat little. Of course, if you want to be fond of these drinks remember that you should always drink them without sugar.

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