3 things that will happen to your body if you stop sugar

We are encandalized (and we do not put it in capital letters so that the panic does not spread). In our journey towards a much more 'fitness' and healthy life, we have discovered many things. The first – and that has left us speechless? The 'light' products are not as healthy as they have made us believe all this time. Yes, we have been deceived. The huge amounts of sugar we consume without realizing it are so obvious (you just need to read the ingredients label) that we are rethinking how we may not have left the trap much earlier.

In this process towards a fuller and more 'fit' life (we say no to the ultraprocessed, word of Carlos Ríos), we are trying completely discard sugar. And, in addition to gaining health with this process, our body will go through a 'detox' moment that will not only be good in general in the long term, but also will bring visible improvements In everyday life they will make us feel much better.

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Everything has sugar

If you spend two minutes reading the ingredients of minimally processed foods you will realize that everything – and when we say everything is EVERYTHING -, it carries sugar. Even the most unexpected food takes a bit. Our surprise came, especially, when we realized the abysmal amounts of sugar that a jar of fried tomato sauce had. If you thought that whole spelled macaroni (totally healthy by themselves) seasoned with some fried tomato was a totally healthy meal, think twice. Lie. What you lose by choosing this type of pasta, you gain by consuming the sugar in the sauce. Moral? You will read the food ingredients carefully before eating them, something that we should have done from the beginning.

You will let your creativity fly

Disengaging from sugar is like abandoning an addiction that makes you very happy (ours? Shopping could be a very valid one). It will cost you, but little by little you will feel better, with less anxiety and the best of all is that the sweet cravings that were previously essential, now, will not be a concern. It takes time yes, but if you want to eat healthy and rich you will let your imagination go and you will end up doing things for yourself at home with healthy foods. For example, if you are an unconditional fan of granola, but you are not able to find one that is healthy, you can make it yourself, at home and knowing exactly what ingredients it has. What do you want to sweeten? Use dates. It is easy if you invest a little time.

You will eat healthier (so you will lose weight)

It seems obvious, but you will notice the effect even on your energy. By being more creative to do the things you like in a healthy way, you will eat better. If you eat better, you will lose weight. But you will also discover that abandoning the ultraprocessed doesn't have to be boring. There are thousands of healthy and appetizing recipes with real food that will make you enjoy lunchtime. You will receive the natural sugar from the fruits so in a moment of anxiety, you can use for example, a banana. And, despite what is said, no: the banana does not get fat: it is a lie.

You have no excuse … they are all pros.

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