3 solutions to eliminate the bad smell of your sandals

Are you looking for solutions to eliminate the bad smell of your sandals? You can achieve it in a simple way with some tips based on natural ingredients such as talc, clay, bicarbonate or essential oils.

Sandals are a nice and comfortable footwear that allows us to have fresh feet in hot seasons. However, even though the openings allow us to have ventilated feet, The heat can also cause an excess of moisture and odor.

Solutions to eliminate the bad smell of your sandals

The combination of some materials of our sandals along with the sweat and the bacteria of the feet give as a result the bad smell. If we do not remedy it, that smell does not disappear and It becomes very evident by wearing part of the bare feet.

However, there are some homemade solutions that can help us reduce or eliminate this problem. We only have to use them when removing our sandals and, when we go to put them again, they will be perfect

1. White clay and essential oils

Using clay with essential oils can neutralize the unpleasant smell of sandals. Even, this ingredient can be applied directly on the feet.

The white clay is a natural product with the ability to absorb toxins. This makes it an excellent solution at the topical and oral level (as long as a clay is used for this purpose). In addition, its similarity with talcum powder facilitates its application.

Today we can find clay in herbalists, pharmacies and natural products stores. Further, We can add some essential oils to give it a specific aroma. For example, we recommend lavender, rosemary or lemon.

  • We just have to apply a little of this mixture on the soles of the sandals when we take them off at night.
  • In addition, we can apply the clay also on the sole of the foot just when we are going to use them.
  • With this clay we can also do treatments for the feet, the same way we would in our face. In this way we help to eliminate toxins through the skin and to fight the bad odor of the root.

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2. Tea bags with mint

Do you usually take tea infusions, pennyroyal or similar? You should know that if you let dry the used bags, you will have at your disposal a simple and economical natural environment deodorant. These bags can be used for the fridge, the cupboards, the car or … your sandals.

  • When you have taken your tea, let the tea bag dry.
  • We recommend that, to enhance a pleasant aroma, you impregnate them with some drops of peppermint essential oil. As you lose the smell, you can add more.

3. Bicarbonate with oils and citrus peeling

Sodium bicarbonate has antibacterial properties that help disinfect sandals to eliminate odor.

One of the oldest remedies to eliminate the bad smell of your sandals and any footwear is sodium bicarbonate. This absorbent, fungicidal and alkalizing product helps us solve many situations in the home.

In this case we propose to combine it with other ingredients that we do not usually take advantage of: peelings of citrus fruits. These are rich in natural essences and give a delicious smell that we associate with cleanliness and freshness.

  • Peel different citrus fruits (lemon, orange, tangerine or grapefruit) into thin strips and place them in a pot with baking soda.
  • We recommend not cutting them too much for greater comfort after using this mixture.
  • Let the bicarbonate soak for a few days.
  • Put a little on the soles of the sandals during the night to absorb the bad smell.

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Other tips to eliminate the bad smell of sandals

  • Try to leave the shoes in a more well-aerated and dry area, especially the one that tends to present bad odors.
  • Choose sandals from natural materials and have a good breathability.
  • If you suspect that you may have an infection in the feet, visit your podiatrist.
  • Diet also influences the smell of our body. Increase the consumption of raw fruits and vegetables and drink at least two liters of water throughout the day.

As you have read in this article, eliminating the bad smell of your sandals is possible. You just have to use the solutions we propose and follow these final tips. Try it and take off that complex!