3 simple exercises to relieve knee pain

Knee pain is one of the most frequent, and can affect both adults and young people. Sometimes it can be caused by an injury, or also by diseases such as arthritis, and accompanied by inflammation, redness and gait problems.

Overweight, lack of flexibility and tone in the muscles, successive injuries, over-exigency when doing a sport – especially those of impact, such as running or jumping – increase the risk of knee pain. Sedentary lifestyle is another strong cause. To this are added the jobs where a lot of weight is lifted or crouched tasks are performed, for example, gardening.

Although they tend to be frequent, not all knee pains are the same. There are some that are more serious than others, and that will depend on your treatment. That is why it is very important to always turn to a doctor who can assess the condition.

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If you have knee pain, you can do these exercises that will help you strengthen the muscles that surround this joint, which is the most complex of the legs: quadriceps, twins and hamstrings. Stretching is also important to avoid muscle overloads..

The exercises should generate tension and not pain. It is very important that you keep this in mind so as not to generate or worsen injuries.

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Exercise 1

To strengthen the quadriceps, lie on the floor, support your forearms and look up. Bend one knee and rest the sole of that leg on the floor. Maintaining that flexion, raise the other leg (stretched) slightly upwards.

Upload it and lower it in 20 repetitions, without touching the ground. Do it again with the other leg.

Exercise 2

To work the hamstrings, lie on your stomach, rest your cheek on the mat and bring your arms to the sides of the body. Raise one leg without flexing the knee and contract the buttocks well. The hip should not lift, just the leg. Repeat several times and do it on the other side.

Exercise 3

To work the twins, stand, rest your hands against a wall and raise the heels of the floor leaving only your fingers supported (in the position of dancer). Then support the plants and repeat several times.

How to prevent knee pains?

  • Maintain a healthy weight.
  • Stay active
  • Take care of your body in physical activity: do not overexpose yourself
  • Gain strength and flexibility
  • Elonga after moving
  • Let your sports teacher know if you have an injury
  • Eat healthy
  • Check regularly with your doctor

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