3 remedies with cinnamon for patients with prediabetes

Cinnamon is a species that we use for different desserts, such as rice pudding. However, its most widespread use is in the form of an infusion. Today we will discover how it can serve cinnamon for patients with prediabetes.

What is prediabetes? When the doctor issues this diagnosis, it indicates that the blood sugar is higher than normal, causing a quite high risk of suffering type 2 diabetes if it is not resolved.

The way to prevent this diagnosis from evolving in this way is by taking a series of measures that reduce blood sugar. For this, we have 3 remedies with cinnamon for patients with prediabetes.

Remedies with cinnamon for patients with prediabetes

The properties of cinnamon to prevent type 2 diabetes have been supported by several scientific investigations.

Cinnamon, as indicated in the article Medicinal plants in the treatment of Diabetes Mellitus Type 2: a review, allows the body synthesizes glycogen in a more efficient way.

Its consumption through the remedies that we are going to expose next, will allow that the sugar returns to normal levels so that the risk of suffering from type 2 diabetes is reduced as much as possible.

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1. Cinnamon as a substitute for sugar

As we mentioned before, cinnamon can be used to accompany milk. Many people add cocoa and, in addition, cinnamon. But, if we want it, the result is also delicious if we only add this spice.

Although its taste at the beginning may not convince us, since does not provide that sweetness to which we are accustomed due to sugar or sweetenersYes, it is true that it is different and sweet.

We recommend starting include it in a milk drink with tea or cocoa, then leave only the cinnamon component. In this way, we will not reject its flavor.

2. Tea with cinnamon

They are still carrying out different Studies that provide more information about the benefits of cinnamon for patients with diabetes, such as Study of the antidiabetic effect of Colombian medicinal plants in an in vitro model.

However, a very simple way to introduce it into our diet is through tea with cinnamon. For this, just we will need two cinnamon sticks and a cup of water.

  • We will put the water to boil and, when it reaches the boiling point, we will add the cinnamon.
  • Let boil for 2 more minutes and then turn off the heat.
  • We will wait 5 minutes for the mixture to settle.
  • After this time, we can strain and enjoy the infusion.

Regular consumption of cinnamon infusion can help combat prediabetes.

3. Cinnamon with certain foods

There are certain foods to which we can add cinnamon. For example, for oats is one of the best accessories. Also, we can not forget about rice pudding or if we consume peanut butter.

There are also some recipes, such as chicken fesenjan, which can carry cinnamon. Definitely, there is an infinity of options for this species that we do not know. If we have prediabetes, including it in the diet is an option that can have very positive effects.

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Recommendations for the use of cinnamon for patients with prediabetes

Despite all of these cinnamon recommendations for patients with prediabetes, we are not suggesting At no time should the indications given by the doctor be ignored. We want to say that the recommended medication, as well as its doses, should not be modified in any way.

Cinnamon is a healthy supplement that can be a help. But it's just this, an element that can help. Therefore never replace the recommendations that a doctor can make us.

Do you consume cinnamon in your daily life? Do you like its taste? People who use cinnamon regularly can share how they consume it because they can help others get started in the habit of starting to take it.

Also, if you have been diagnosed with prediabetes, or have a high risk of type 2 diabetes, tell your doctor what you think you most often consume cinnamon.

All this, It will give you security, in addition to helping you improve your diet, something essential for sugar levels to reach the levels they should.