3 remedies with almond oil to take care of your skin

Oils of vegetable origin are excellent ingredients for our natural health and cosmetic treatments. Therefore, in this article we share 3 remedies with almond oil for Treat some common skin problems.

Combining almond oil with other oils and ingredients such as Aloe vera, we will get some homemade and natural products very beneficial for the skin. With them we can treat stretch marks, psoriasis, eczema and improve the condition of our skin in general.

The almond oil

Almond oil is a common ingredient in natural and homemade cosmetics. Its price is economic and its components are very beneficial. It stands out, for example, for its rich in vitamin E, a powerful antioxidant.

As well contains monounsaturated fatty acids and minerals such as potassium and zinc, in addition to proteins. Therefore, its texture is quite dense and very nutritious for the skin. In addition, it has the advantage of having a discrete aroma.

There are two varieties of almond oil, bitter and sweet. This second, is edible (unless otherwise indicated) and extracted from the cold pressure of this nut. Also, this is the one we are going to use for our remedies with almond oil.

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4 remedies with almond oil to care for your skin

1. Antiestria remedy for pregnant women

Almond oil provides the nutrients and hydration needed to cope with stretch marks of pregnancy.

In the first place, this remedy is excellent so that expectant mothers can take care of their skin since they know they are pregnant, or even before. This natural product presents no risk to the baby. In addition, anyone can use it to prevent stretch marks, since it It will provide elasticity to the skin and will avoid these unsightly marks.


  • ¾ cup of almond oil (135 g)
  • ¼ cup of rosehip oil (45 g)

Development and application

  • To begin, mix both oils well and keep in a jar with airtight seal. It is recommended to keep in a dark place.
  • The best way to apply it is right after leaving the shower, after having bathed with hot water. At that time, the pores are open and the oil is absorbed very easily on wet skin.
  • Finally, let the skin dry and remove the excess oil with the towel. The skin will be soft, shiny, nourished and elastic.

2. Lotion for psoriasis and eczema

The combination of almond oil and Aloe vera will provide extra hydration and a soothing effect for skin irritations.

The second of these remedies with almond oil is very simple and aims to help those suffering from psoriasis, eczema or dermatitis. By combining this oil with Aloe Vera gel we get a soothing lotion that promotes skin regeneration, as well as the healing of possible wounds or irritations.


  • ½ cup of almond oil (90 g)
  • ½ cup of Aloe vera gel (80 g)
  • 15 drops of tea tree essential oil (optional)

Development and application

  • To start, mix the oil and Aloe vera by emulsifying both ingredients until you get a creamy texture. Then, add the tea tree essential oil and mix well.
  • Store in a dark tight-fitting bottle.
  • Apply in affected areas two or three times a day.

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3. Natural make-up remover for the face

Being an oil, we can remove the most difficult makeup remains of our face.

The simplest and most natural way to remove makeup is to use almond oil and a towel together with hot water. In this way, we will be able to remove the densest makeup well and, incidentally, nourish the skin to have a radiant face.



  • First, apply the oil all over the face (alone or combined with the essential oil).
  • Next, wet a small towel in hot water and, with it, massage all the skin. Insist on areas with more makeup. The result will be a relaxed, clean and hydrated skin. In addition, the lavender plant will provide relaxing effects to rest better.

Now you know three remedies with almond oil for improve the skin and also to treat some mild conditions. With this natural product you will contribute many nutrients to your body and you will avoid other harmful substances that contain some cosmetic products.