3 recipes to incorporate coconut oil into your skin care routine

The benefits of coconut oil for health and beauty are many, and so are its uses! Here we share some ideas to take advantage of its properties and that your skin reflects your inner glow.

Why choose natural products?

– Why you take care of your health: prevent harmful chemicals from the products from entering your body. Everything you put on your skin, also enters your bloodstream.

– Why you take care of the environment: If you prepare your cosmetics at home, you avoid the unnecessary use of plastic containers.

– Because you use the power of your hands: You connect with the ancient wisdom of alchemy by mixing the ingredients with which you will do your rituals of beauty, self-care and self-esteem.

– Why you take care of your economy: All ingredients are easy to find, durable and economical.

– Why you stop contributing to an obsolete system: You recognize that true beauty is inside and that the outside is just a reflection of it.


This preparation will help you eliminate dead cells and regenerate the skin.

You need:

– 2 tablespoons coconut oil

– 1 cup of sugar (any type)

– A container

Step by Step:

1. Make sure coconut oil is semi-solid.

2. Mix the ingredients with a spoon.

3. Make sure your skin is clean.

4. Apply the mixture on with circular movements.

5. Let it act for 10 minutes.

6. Remove the mixture with a little warm water. You can do it in the shower.


If you shave your legs and depilatory creams give you itching, discomfort or you simply want to reduce the chemicals you use, you will love this application of coconut oil.

Step by Step:

1. Moisten the area you want to shave.

2. Apply some coconut oil. For one leg, a teaspoon will suffice.

3. Shave the area. Remember to rinse the machine frequently so that coconut oil does not block it.

4. When finished, rinse and dry with a towel, without rubbing. Thus, coconut oil will continue to hydrate your skin.


Using coconut oil as a body moisturizer will help you have a smoother, more elastic and shiny skin, as well as maintaining the hydration of your cells.

When to use it? The best time is right after leaving the shower, as it will act to maintain the cellular moisture acquired with the bath water. You can also apply it before bedtime. Its aroma can relax you and induce you to a state of deep sleep.

It is especially beneficial during the summer, because if it is solidified, its cold effect relieves heat. If during the winter your application seems to be not very warm, you can use sesame or almond oil.

If you've exposed yourself too much to the sun, coconut oil acts as a soothing and calming skin, so you can use it perfectly as a post-sun cream.

In what other ways do you use coconut oil? Share your recipes in the comments.



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