3 natural waters that will restore vitality to your skin

We tend to worry about how our skin looks, but we do not always put the focus where we should. In general, we pay more attention to the marketing of the products we buy than to the ingredients they contain, and we end up applying thousands of chemicals that only add toxins.

Something more basic, but no less important, is the importance of water for the skin. Hydration is the key to make it look elastic, luminous and healthy.

Here we share some natural waters that you can use to restore vitality to your skin.

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They are those obtained by distilling essential oils. Therefore, they contain the active principles of the plant and all its beneficial properties.

The floral waters are used as tonic in the face. They refresh, aromatize and act on the skin in a natural way, without chemicals.

Some examples: lavender water works as a relaxant and disinfectant for the skin; Witch hazel water is astringent and helps with circulatory problems; and chamomile, calms sensitive skin.

2. Miscellar water

The miscellar water is an aqueous solution that has microspheres (micelles) in suspension. It is applied to clean remnants of sweat, grease or skin makeup.

In addition, it is easy to use, does not dry out and brings freshness. It is preferable to choose one that does not contain parabens, synthetic perfumes or other irritating components added; Especially if you have very sensitive skin.

Here we leave a recipe so you can prepare it at home.

3. Hot springs

Maybe you have ever visited the hot springs. They are water sources rich in minerals that act on the skin, refreshing and softening it.

There are some versions that can be obtained in the market and are used to protect the skin from premature aging, improve irritations and decongest.

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And you, how do you take care of the skin of your face?

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