3 natural painkillers to fight low back pain

Low back pain is an intense pain in the back and waist, but in several occasions it is also perceived in the muscles and glutes. It is usually caused by bad repetitive postures, by bearing overloads or by muscle injuries. Fighting back pain is a task of perseverance and perseverance.

It is common that the lumbago manifests itself after a fall or strong blow to the back. But also may appear after exercising improperly, load weights or bad posture.

Types of lumbago

The lumbago can appear in a timely manner, or, be a chronic and repetitive problem.

To combat low back pain it is important to know the types that exist. Depending on its characteristics, this discomfort It can be classified in the following.

Punctual lumbago

It is about the pain that appears in the lower back after making a sudden effort or taking a bad posture. They are discomfort that disappear on their own and last between 3 and 4 days.

Chronic or recurrent low back pain

If these episodes of lumbago They appear frequently and last more than 12 weeks, they can end up causing chronic low back pain. It is estimated that 20% of cases become chronic. It is also associated with pregnancy, overweight, osteoarthritis and even emotional stress.

To combat lumbago it is fundamental to correct the bad postures and avoid situations that favor pain. These are the first steps to alleviate pain, but you also have to study the convenience of receiving physiotherapy, acupuncture or therapeutic massage, depending on the case.

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3 natural remedies to fight low back pain

White willow

Salicylated willow derivatives are anti-inflammatory, especially at the joint level, and also act on pain and fever. Therefore, willow is indicated in the treatment of colds and flu states. further It relieves all kinds of pain, especially the joints. Therefore, it is very useful to combat low back pain.

In infusion, you can drink up to 3 cups a day of decoction, preferably in association with other plants that enhance its action and improve the flavor, such as yarrow, mint, viburnum and horsetail.


Ginger is an anti-inflammatory spice that helps to reduce pain like the one that causes lumbago. It can be used as an infusion or by topical use.

The Ginger is known for its powerful anti-inflammatory power, what makes it possess magnificent properties to combat low back pain. It can be used in lumbago pain as an infusion or poultice.

You can use it in infusion, in proportion two tablespoons in half a liter of water. Once made, you can drink it or soak a gauze in the mixture, applying it to the painful area.

It is also useful for its relaxing, anti-inflammatory and analgesic effect. Another form of employment is performing a gentle massage. To do this you must mix 5 drops of essential oil with 10 drops of sweet almond oil.

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Harpagofito to combat lumbago

There are studies that claim that a treatment based on harpagofito reduces low back pain in the short term and the need to use rescue medication. It is important to indicate that the treatments of low back pain with harpagofito must last at least 2 or 3 months so that their effects are perceived and are lasting.

It has anti-inflammatory, analgesic and antispasmodic effects. Due to its analgesic properties it is also indicated when the bony and tendinous tissues present painful and inflammatory symptoms. The part that is used is the tuber and in the form of capsules with 450-500mg.

In addition, it also has antispasmodic properties so it serves to combat spasms. For this reason, It is also used to treat digestive discomfort such as gas, lack of appetite or abdominal distension.

How to prevent the recurrence of low back pain?

The regular practice of relaxation techniques is beneficial when it comes to reducing muscle aches and tensions.

We recommend you Avoid the nervous tension caused by stress. This is one of the main causes of contractures appearing in the muscles of the back and pain appears.

Thus, When you feel the lumbar region stiff, sit on a chair and flex the trunk until it is on your legs. Hold in this position for a few seconds.

Also, take Infusions made with melissa or lavender will also help calm the nerves and prevent contractures caused by tension. Physiotherapy, rehabilitation exercises, acupuncture and relaxation therapies, such as yoga, tai chi or meditation, are some of the practices that work well both to treat lumbago and to prevent it.


To avoid low back pain and have a healthy back, remember that you should maintain an adequate weight and practice sports on a regular basis like swimming and stretching exercises. You should also try to adopt correct postures.

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