3 medicinal plants to treat tennis elbow

To treat tennis elbow, the doctor usually prescribes drugs to relieve inflammation and pain. In cases of seriousness, you can resort to surgery. However, There are some natural alternatives that can help us, such as medicinal plants.

In this article we share some remedies that have proven effective in several studies to reduce inflammation and pain: turmeric, ginger and cat's claw. In this way we will also avoid the side effects of medications.

What is tennis elbow?

The tennis elbow or epicondylitis is, in fact, an injury that can suffer any person who performs certain constant movements of the forearm and wrist, and not just these athletes. For example, it can affect people who are dedicated to painting, construction, butchery, etc.

It is suffered mainly by people between 34 and 54 years old, both men and women. It is characterized by a pain on the outside of the elbow that is called the epicondyle.

There are other factors that can also increase the risk of suffering from this condition, such as tobacco and obesity. Also, as we have said, the repetitive and constant movements, and even more if it is with added weight.

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Medicinal plants to treat tennis elbow

Next we review some medicinal plants to help treat the tennis elbow naturally. However, we always recommend taking them under medical supervision, since some may have contraindications or interact with some medications.

In addition, to be effective they must always be accompanied by Changes in our habits, lifestyle and diet. In this way we will improve our overall health and tennis elbow symptoms in particular.

1. Turmeric

Turmeric is one of the anti-inflammatory spices that can support the treatment of pain caused by tennis elbow.

First, we refer to turmeric, an ancestral natural remedy that every time It is recommended more for different conditions that cause pain and inflammation. This is due to the healing properties of its active ingredient, curcumin, which also has antioxidant, hepatoprotective and even anti-carcinogenic properties.

We can consume turmeric as a spice in any type of recipes, both sweet and salty. In addition, it is excellent as a natural colorant. However, As a treatment, the curcumin supplement will be more effective, which in some cases is combined with black pepper to enhance its therapeutic effect.

In addition, we can also prepare delicious and healthy golden milk. The basic ingredients are milk (cow or vegetable) and turmeric. However, we can also add other spices (cinnamon, cardamom, ginger, cumin, etc.) and sweeten it with honey. It is a very energetic and comforting drink, ideal for cold days.

2. Ginger

In the second place we refer to another species of the same family as turmeric, ginger. The rhizome of this plant stands out as a natural anti-inflammatory and in fact it has been used in Asian medicine for this purpose since ancient times.

We can combine the consumption of fresh ginger (in juices, infusions, salads, etc.) with the topical application of its oil. If we use ginger essential oil, we must dilute it in another base oil, for example olive, coconut or almond. We will feel that it brings a lot of heat and, if we apply it with constancy, also pain relief.

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3. Cat's claw

This plant contains active substances that help to alleviate pain. In addition, it is anti-inflammatory.

Third, cat's claw is the name given to the plant Uncaria tomentosa. Originally from the Amazon region, it is increasingly astonishing because of its benefits, among which are anti-inflammatory and anti-tumor virtues. By reducing inflammation, it also produces pain relief what causes the tennis elbow.

The best way to take the cat's claw is in the form of a supplement. In this way we can control the dose. In addition, this medicinal plant also has antioxidant, healing, antimicrobial and antiviral properties, among other.

Now we know some effective medicinal plants to treat tennis elbow naturally, through drinking and supplements. If we consume them and alternate them in a habitual way we can notice an improvement in the pain and inflammation caused by this condition. However, we should never forget the diagnosis and personalized medical treatment.