3 home cold remedies that really work (according to science)

If behind that nasal congestion, headache and fatigue hides a common cold (not everything is coronavirus this year) you already know that you have a hard week ahead. But thanks to These home remedies can help you cope with bad drink and cold symptoms much better, according to scientific studies, they work.

Homemade cold remedies: chicken broth

The cup of chicken broth of a lifetime, with its noodles, its vegetables (and its chicken, obviously) is not just the paradigm of comfort food when we are sick, it is that it can really help you feel better.

A study conducted by the University of Nebraska claims that a good bowl of homemade chicken broth relieves prevents neutrophils from mobilizing, a type of white blood cells that not only destroy viruses and bacteria, but also everything in their path and are responsible for the inflammation of the mucous membranes (those that right now prevent you from breathing normally). The recipe that was tested in the anti-inflammatory chicken broth study includes onion, sweet potato, parsnip, turnip, carrot, celery, parsley, chicken and spices to taste.

Home remedies for colds: yogurt

If you are not a fan of probiotic foods, now that you have a cold is a good time to start taking advantage of its virtues. And of all the probiotics that are available to you, yogurt is the one that will be the most pleasant to include in your sick diet. An investigation of the Sinchuan University ensures that the friendly bacteria present in yogurt are capable of boosting defenses and reducing the risk of suffering an infection in the upper respiratory tract (that is, a cold).


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Homemade cold remedies: gargle with salt water

Gargling with warm water in which you have diluted salt is not just any grandmother's trick, it is a scientifically proven method to relieve a sore throat and congestion. And is there anything easier than pouring a teaspoon of salt into a glass of water, stirring, gargling, and spitting?

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