3 health reasons why your hair loss has accelerated right now

Hair falling out is something that draws attention and worries. Even when you know this process is going to happen, like every fall or after childbirth. But we must learn to distinguish those "normal" massive hair loss from those that are not. The you find the first clue in the quality of your hairIf you discover more hair in the shower when bathing than before, but the thickness of your ponytail remains the same as always, don't worry, no treatment is needed. But if your daily hair loss count is higher than usual and the ones that are still attached to your scalp seem finer than before … you may be in trouble. We review the three main health reasons that may be wreaking havoc on your hair right now so that you take them into account and take action.

Reason number 1: the coronavirus

The ability of the coronavirus to embitter our existence seems to have no limits. Unfortunately for our hair, stress is one of the causes that can cause alopecia and, at present, female anxiety and stress levels are through the roof due to the pandemic. According to a survey carried out by DKV health insurance the 86% of Spanish women feel sad and unmotivated and much more tired than before the health emergency began. The uncertainty is taking its toll on our health and is reflected in the state of our hair.

What you eat and how you style your hair can influence the poor health of your hair.

As if the stress were not enough, in addition, being infected with the coronavirus is also a factor in itself that weakens the hair. In fact, dermatologists are investigating why some patients treated in hospital for severe cases of Covid-19 suffer from alopecia as a side effect of infection.

Reason number 2: you have hypothyroidism (and you don't know it)

Thyroid problems and hair problems go hand in hand. There are even cases in which it is our hair, or rather its absence, that reveals that something is wrong with the thyroid hormones. Even in some women with subclinical hypothyroidism (the one in which the thyroid needs more TSH to work, but when analyzing the levels of thyroid hormones appear as normal) the only manifestation that something is not going well is that the hair is no longer what it was. Yes have a family history of thyroid problems, are diabetic or celiac and you feel sad and with foxed hair … check your thyroid.


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Reason number 3: you're addicted to pigtails a la Rosalía

All your life thinking that the dye was bad for your hair and in reality the most damaging thing you were doing to your hair was not those Californian highlights, but the way you wear it up. Traction alopecia exists and may be responsible for losing hair at a forced marches. Wearing a tight bun or ponytail look throughout the day is not a good idea, nor is it a good idea to abuse extensions, scarves, turbans, boxer braids … Basically, the more forces you apply to your hair for more hours, the more risk you have of weaken it and cause it to fall early.

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