3 habits to not retain liquids and lose weight

Get rid of the swelling of the legs It has become a real priority in recent weeks. The other day we told you what our favorite workout routines to lose weight Patry Jordan's thighs (because exercise is essential), but today we have something more to tell you: training is important, yes. But there are others habits you should acquire if you want to tone your legs and thighs, get rid of fluid retention in that prone area and above all, remedy cellulite.

Now that we spend more hours than ever at home, one of the most affected areas is the legs. Although we do yoga, tabata or any other high intensity training, walking is very important for proper circulation and stimulation, so if you want to have light legs and also, toned, the most important thing is that your habits are destined to this goal. And we are going to give you three tricks to make it easier.

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The importance of feeding (and artichoke water)

One of the best tips for losing weight, but especially for losing fat from specific areas such as the thighs, is a balanced diet full of nutrients where ultra-processed foods are sporadic. Consume steamed vegetables and lots of fruit to balance water levels in the body, avoid salt and refined flours (because they increase fluid retention). Drinking a lot of water is essential. A trick to avoid fluid retention? Drink artichoke water. How is it done? Boiling artichokes and saving the water that you must later drink to purify the body and go to the bathroom. You can do this once a week.

Let's move!

As we have said before, exercise is super important. But you don't have to focus solely on painful routines that are difficult for you to carry out. Walking a lot or cycling are very valid options that you can combine with specific workouts and that will activate your body while you enjoy.

Massage yourself a lot (a lot)

If you are prone to retain liquids, draining, lymphatic and shaping massages will be your allies. Cabin treatments will always be more effective, but you can also carry them out at home with upward circular movements from the ankle to the thigh. If you get massaged with a dry horsehair glove in ascending movements in the morning when you wake up, you will activate the circulation and if you combine your anti-cellulite and remodeling creams with very active massages on the legs, in a few weeks you will notice the result.

The most important? The constancy, and that is, it is not a magic potion that will take effect after three days.

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