3 fun recipes to make on Halloween with kids

On Halloween, it is possible to prepare a series of fun and special recipes to liven up the evening. Pay attention because we are going to reveal the best options.

Last update: October 12, 2021

Halloween It is an Anglo-Saxon tradition that has spread rapidly to many other countries. Right now there are several who celebrate it, so it is possible to adapt the diet during this time and prepare a series of fun recipes without losing the quality of the diet.

Above all, it must be clear that one of the pillars of a healthy diet is variety. Nothing will happen to introduce some ultra-processed in a timely manner as long as the consumption of fresh food is prioritized. However, industrial products should not be abused, as they often contain trans fats and simple sugars.

American pancakes, one of the best recipes for Halloween

American pancakes should be eaten on time due to their high sugar content.

Among the fun recipes for Halloween Pancakes stand out, a classic for breakfast. They can be prepared with wheat flour or oatmeal. Keep in mind that this ingredient is much healthier, since it concentrates a greater amount of fiber. This substance has proven to be key to preventing constipation.


  • 2 eggs
  • 30 grams of creamy butter.
  • 1 glass of milk
  • 30 grams of sugar.
  • 220 grams of wheat flour.
  • 1/2 teaspoon of baking powder.
  • 1 piece of butter.

Pancakes can be served with many different products. The best is liquid caramel and cream, although melted chocolate can be incorporated. It is a recipe to consume occasionally, since its content in simple sugars is high.

For those who do not like an excessive sweet taste, there is the possibility to add some cut fruits on top of the pancakes once they have been prepared. Thus, the supply of antioxidants in the dish is increased, an essential element to combat the formation of free radicals and ensure good health.

Step by Step

  1. Place the eggs, butter, sugar, salt and milk in the glass of a mixer.
  2. Beat everything then until you get a dough with a homogeneous texture.
  3. Add the flour and yeast, and mix again. After a couple of minutes at full power, let the result rest for about 20 minutes.
  4. To cook the pancakes, simply place a little butter in a non-stick pan. Once hot, pour portions of the dough from a pitcher or saucepan. When bubbles form on the surface, you turn it over and let it cook on the other side.
  5. Once all the pancakes are ready, decorate with caramel, cream or liquid chocolate. Keep in mind that it is best to consume them freshly to enjoy an excellent texture. It is even possible to add some chopped nuts to add a crunchy touch.

Halloween cookies

Another of the typical desserts to prepare in Halloween it’s the cookies. They are easy to make and have fun shapes that will appeal to everyone. They taste good and they do not have as many added sugars as the previous recipe.

In addition, you can add dark chocolate in the preparation. This food is able to help modulate blood pressure in its bitter version, according to a study published in The Cochrane Database of Systematic Reviews.


  • 4 ice cream cones.
  • 4 cookies.
  • Baubles.
  • 4 green tongues.
  • Dark chocolate to melt.

Step by Step

  1. Melt the chocolate in a double boiler. It is also possible to do it in the microwave, but in this case it will have to be heated for a few seconds and stirred. So on until the texture is liquid.
  2. Once this step is completed, cover the base of the cookies with the chocolate with the help of a knife.
  3. Fill the ice cream cones with the sweets.
  4. Join the Galician with the cone and pour a little melted chocolate all over the surface to simulate a witch’s hat.
  5. Tie a green gummy tongue around the base of the hat and chill in the fridge so that the result hardens a bit.

Halloween Pizza

Pizza is an easy recipe that can easily be decorated for Halloween.

A pizza feels good at any time of the year. It is one of the most international preparations and, in addition, it is very easy to prepare. It can be seasoned or garnished with different ingredients depending on the desired result.

It is best to always prioritize the use of vegetables in the filling. These foods are capable of increasing life expectancy, according to a study published in International Journal of Epidemiology.


The first thing we are going to teach you is how to make the dough at home. To do this, you will need the following ingredients:

  • 1 sachet of dry yeast.
  • Warm water.
  • 1 teaspoon of sugar.
  • 1 teaspoon of coarse salt.
  • 2 teaspoons of extra virgin olive oil.
  • 1 kilo of flour 00.

For the filling you will have to use:

  • Ketchup.
  • Fresh mozzarella.
  • Black olives.
  • Green pepper.

Keep in mind that the ingredients of the filling can be modified to your liking. However, for it to be one of the recipes of Halloween it is important to use those that have dark colors.

Step by Step

  1. Activate yeast. To do this, put 1/2 glass of warm water in a bowl and add the yeast envelope later. Stir with a spoon and let it rest for about 10 minutes, until a little foam appears on the surface.
  2. At this moment, the preparation of the dough begins. Add the rest of the warm water with the sugar and salt to the yeast and stir all good so that the ingredients are integrated.
  3. Then, add the oil and introduce the flour, first stirring with a wooden instrument to later use your hands. Manual kneading must be done on a clean work surface with some flour to prevent the dough from sticking. The objective is to achieve an elastic and homogeneous result.
  4. Cut the final ball into 4 equal parts and place each of them in a bowl covered by a cloth for 3 hours.
  5. Once the time has passed, the volume of the dough will have increased. Now, stretch with the help of a roller and begin the assembly.
  6. First, add the tomato, then the cheese, and finally the peppers and black olives. The latter can be cut at the base area to simulate legs, as if they were spiders.
  7. Put the pizza in the oven for 7 minutes at 250 degrees Celsius with heat on both sides. It is important that it has previously been preheated.
  8. When you remove it from the oven, add a little oregano and it will be ready for consumption.

Make fun recipes for Halloween

As you have seen, it is easy to prepare fun recipes to surprise in Halloween. There are both sweet and savory options to enjoy on a night full of fantasy. However, do not forget that many of them must be for occasional consumption. If they are introduced in the regular diet, the state of health could suffer in the medium term, since they have too many simple sugars.

In order to ensure the proper functioning of the body in the long term, it is essential to ensure that a balanced and varied diet is maintained in which fresh foods predominate. This must be combined with the practice of physical exercise on a regular basis, with special attention to muscle strength work.

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