23 questions to know if that person likes you

Do you have doubts about whether that person is interested in you? Try answering the following questions to find out.

Reviewed and approved by the psychologist Elena Sanz on December 03, 2021.

Last update: December 03, 2021

Many times it is not easy for us to determine when a person is being nice and when he is flirting.. The signs of flirting vary widely, with some choosing to use less direct or explicit tactics. This can confuse you, which will result in you risking missing out on the opportunity. So that this does not happen to you, we have prepared 23 questions to find out if someone likes you.

The questions will not help you ask that person. On the contrary, it is you who will respond to them to reflect on their actions and behavior. An affirmative answer does not guarantee that he or she is interested, but if the number of hits is higher then there is no room for doubt. Use the questions to find out if that person likes you if they also interest you.

Questions to know if that person likes you

Researchers have listed five types of flirting: traditional, physical, sincere, playful and polite. Each person chooses a different style, and sometimes they camouflage it well so that their intentions are not perceived as too direct.

According to experts, both men and women use verbal and non-verbal communication to their advantage, so you will find out if they flirt with you by taking both factors into account. With this in mind as a preamble, we leave you with the best questions to know if that person likes you.

1. Does he make an effort to talk to you?

If someone likes you, they will do their best to talk to you. They will try both in virtual spaces (messaging services and social networks) and in person. If she’s the first to start the conversation and the last to say goodbye, then it’s a positive sign.

2. Do you try to make physical contact every chance you get?

By physical contact think of any type of action whose intention is to shorten distances. Get closer when they speak, take your arm to support you, hug you tighter than usual, put their hand on your shoulder when they speak and so on.

3. Do you remember little details about your life or things you said to him?

Even those things that you only mentioned once and that, at least for you, do not have the greatest importance. You may even have forgotten something or other, but he or she will always be there to remind you. For example, remembering an item of clothing you wore on that day or something you ate.

4. Do you actively follow all your social media profiles?

That is, he makes comments, answers your stories, likes your photos, mentions you in his publications and so on. Virtual flirting is a reality, so you should not ignore it when asking yourself questions to see if that person likes you.

5. Does she share with your friends and wants you to share with hers?

Introducing friends is a pretty obvious way of wanting to show and share your private life with someone you like.

He does it to bring the ties of relationship that unite them even closer, as well as to look good with them and that you look good with theirs. He also does it so that they show you the obvious thing that up to now you have refused to see: he likes you.

6. Does he care about you?

And not only that, but it also looks for a way to find solutions so that you feel better. For example, he tries to help you when you are sick or gives advice to the problems that invade your head.

7. Is he trying to make you laugh?

Humor is one of the great flirting techniques, since it corresponds to the playful flirting style. Making yourself laugh is a way for you to empathically connect with him or her, so that the jokes he makes to you will have a double intention.

8. Does he make eye contact with you?

Suggestive or direct eye contact is another card up the sleeve of flirting. Reflect on how he looks at you and, most importantly, when he does it. The latter is the most important, since it makes the difference between a traditional look and one whose explicit objective is to get your attention.

9. Does he invite you to share moments alone?

That is, he invites you to the movies, for a walk or seeks to separate you from the group so that they can talk more calmly. This is done by those who dare to take the initiative. He also responds positively to invitations of this type that you make.

10. Does he show jealousy when you don’t pay attention to him or do things with someone else?

Jealousy can be a natural response when affection is involved. If he or she gets jealous of you, it is because he or she professes something more than just friendship.

11. Does he give you recurring compliments?

Suddenly your physical condition stands out, the clothes you wear, the perfume you used that day or the way you have combed your hair. A compliment will always be a flirting tool, one that we can classify as classic. Don’t stop thinking about it when answering questions to see if he likes you.

12. Do you remember the names of those around you?

From your friends, your parents and your pets. But not only that, he also actively asks for them and remembers related stories to find out more about it.

13. Do you agree with him or her on many things?

Suddenly they coincide in a place in a surprising (or not so surprising) way. As we have already pointed out in other questions to find out if that person likes you, it will seek to increase the moments in which both share. Repetitive encounters are no coincidence.

14. Does he give you gifts?

They don’t have to be very expensive, big or important things. The little details count too, and in fact these are the ones you will opt for. He will be aware of what you want and, if it is within his reach, he will not hesitate to give it to you.

15. Has he made innuendo that you don’t know how to interpret?

As ambiguous sentences, proposals that you think have a double meaning or have heard from third parties that speaks very well of you.

16. Does he try to get your attention every time you are together?

With the intention that you suddenly stop doing what you do so that you notice him or her. He will do it with his attitude, his gestures, his behavior and of course his clothes.

17. Does he offer you support and advice?

Support in those moments when you need it most and cannot find a shoulder to lean on. That person will be there so you know that you can count on them in more ways than one..

18. Does he act differently with you in relation to other friends?

This is one of the keys to our questions to see if he likes you. In short, you can distinguish between whether he looks at you as a friend or something else by assessing how different his behavior is with others. If this is identical then he may be just being nice; if you notice a difference you can score a point in your favor.

19. Does he ask you a lot of questions?

He can ask you questions about your life, what you do, how you feel, what you have done in the last few days and of course also about your love life. He asks you about your past relationships, if you now have someone important in your life, and if you are open to being in a relationship today.

20. Look at your mouth?

If he fixes a lot on you, especially your lips, chances are he will want a kiss soon.

To be more precise your lips, since this is a direct incitement that he is thinking of a kiss. Of course, it is something very subtle, so you have to be alert to decipher it.

21. Does she smile every time you look at her?

A very simple, quick and even subtle answer. One that, despite this, you should never overlook.

22. Does he miss you when you’re not there?

For example, when you haven’t seen each other for days or weeks or you’ve been absent in one way or another. He will let you know in one way or another that he misses you.

23. Does he listen to you carefully every time you say something?

She does it to collect information, to connect with you, to let you know that she is an attentive person or simply because she is interested in you.

Naturally, this exercise is only effective when you are 100% honest with the answers.. Avoid tipping the balance in your favor by interpreting ambiguities, as this would be far from the intent of the dynamics. If you have enough clues, and you like that person too, feel free to initiate your response to these flirtations.

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