2021 trends to decorate the house

The trends of 2021 to decorate the house come to give greater relevance to this space. The objective is turn this place into a paradise that allows us to live and work with complete peace of mind. The keywords are sustainability, green and tradition.

On the other hand, there are a series of elements, patterns and colors that remain current and that give a very cozy touch to the home. Do you dare to continue reading? Just do it and get started with the remodel right away.

Reasons why you should decorate your home

If you want to implement the trends of 2021 to decorate the house and you are looking for a reason, here we leave you 4. Do not have any doubts about why you should give your home that touch that makes it even more special. After this, you will not want to leave there.

1. Generate comfort

Doesn't it happen to you that you arrive somewhere and you don't feel comfortable, as if you want to run away from there? Undoubtedly, the decoration of the place has a lot to do with it. From colors to furniture and textures, they have the ability to convey comfort and the desire to be.

2. Customize

Redecorating your home allows you to give it a touch of personality and authenticity. You can take advantage of trends to choose those that represent you and that they would turn yours into a unique space. This is the most special touch that allows you to enjoy it to the fullest.

3. Divide the spaces

When redecorating your home you have the chance to divide the spaces to encourage concentration, if we talk about the study or office; to generate greater rest in the case of the rooms; or to promote tranquility in your garden.

For those who work from home, it is essential to have a specific space that serves as an office.

4. Improves mood

Decorating the home improves people's mood in many ways. Who does not enjoy going shopping and filling the cart with those things that will soon go from imagination to reality? Sure you know very well what we are talking about.

On the other hand, make your home a comfortable and authentic space, which responds to your tastes and desires, certainly influences your emotions. Imagine that you are a person who loves light and warm places, but you live in a dark and cold house; you would feel sad, right?

This is related, as studies have shown, to the influence of colors on mood.

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Decoration trends 2021

Without further ado, below We tell you what are the trends of 2021 to decorate the house. Choose the ones that best suit your personality, combine them and enjoy them.

1. Japonism

The japandi or japanismAs the name implies, it has its origins in Japanese culture, but includes a perfect Nordic style. Its objective is that spaces are more ZenMay peace and harmony reign in them, but also elegance and rusticity. All in a dose in which warmth predominates.

2. Industrial

If yours is something more risky, but elegant and modern, the industrial style is the one. At highlight exposed brick walls, bookshelves or items such as metal lamps and pipes, such as plumbing. It goes very well with simple and minimalist furniture.

3. Rustic, but modern

The rustic style provides the opportunity to include touches of nature, recycled and handmade items in the decoration. Use natural tones and materials such as clay, bamboo, sisal, cotton, paper and rattan, for example.

To give it a different touch, to break the rustic and give that elegant touch, the ideal is to combine metal furniture.

4. Textured walls

The textures are taken from the walls, either through the use of papers, paints, moldings or finishes. In 2021, artistic and botanical prints are all the rage.

Choose, for example, wallpaper with brushstrokes or large flowers, as the idea is to bring the works of art to their maximum expression. Vertical stripes are still in fashion. Also, consider large geometric figures.

5. Sustainability

Sustainability is a concept that decorates all spaces. The goal is to eliminate unnecessary plastic and, if possible, reuse some elements of this material or glass to enrich the garden. Also, use natural or recycled materials.

On the other hand, we find that green spaces, even indoors, are very much in force this new year. In fact, green and nature prints such as leaves, insects or birds on a large scale are also leading the decoration trends.

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6. Base units

Very aligned with the trend japandi, the low furniture, about 75 centimeters, help the environment look clear and free, contributing to the effect Zen. This height includes the backs of chairs, armchairs, and sofas.

7. Crafts

As we already mentioned, handicrafts are very fashionable. Those with natural textures made of wicker and rattan stand out. It goes very well if textures and materials are combined, such as macrame cushions, marble and metal.

The Japanese style becomes relevant this year, with a concept Zen and small, short furniture.

8. Light colors

In terms of paints, light colors are very much in fashion. In addition, they allow to mix textures, emanating elegance. This is not to say that there is no place for brighter colors, but for them there are sofas and decorative elements.

Among the clear we find white, of course, pinks, lilacs, watermelon and blue. Even so, allow yourself to combine them according to your personality and style.

10. Versatile environments

Especially to favor small spaces, one of the trends for 2021 is optimize spaces and make them more versatile. If you don't have a study, turn the living room into a room that serves both purposes.

The dining room can be used to enjoy food and also to work, for example. Optimize the garden space, in the same way, to carry out your exercise routine.

11. Home automation

Between work and home care, an extra help doesn't hurt. Home automation is technology at the service of the home: lamps that turn on with a click, blinds that are controlled from the mobile, players that are tuned by voice command, burners that go off at certain times or alarms that are activated when children leave their room.

In the middle of 2021, when the digital transformation took all the scenarios, have no fear, let yourself be infected by this service.

Are you ready for the 2021 trends to decorate the house?

How can you realize the trends of 2021 to decorate the house adjust to different tastes. There are styles, shapes, colors, textures and types of furniture that you can choose according to your personality.

Don't neglect personal tastes, but allow yourself to redecorate your home so that it is modern and up-to-date. Which trends did you like the most?