20 hobbies to entertain older adults

It is a mistake to relate the passage to old age with inactivity and loneliness. As the years go by, we stop being so busy and leisure time expands. So that these changes do not affect the routine, it is advisable to find hobbies to entertain older adults.

The World Health Organization (WHO) noted that people 65 and older need recreational activities to reduce cognitive decline and the incidence of depression, as well as to promote muscular, cardiorespiratory and bone functions.

Among other benefits, a few hours of entertainment help control stress levels, prevent isolation, lift your spirits, teach new things, and keep you energized.

Activities to entertain the elderly and enjoy in old age

According to the book "Social isolation and loneliness in older adults," published by the National Academies of Sciences, Engineering and Medicine, loneliness increases the risk of anxiety, dementia, depression, heart disease, hospitalization and premature death.

On the other hand, those who lead a more active life claim to feel useful, skilled, happy and with a better memory. How do they do it? With a hobby adjusted to their lifestyles. The following alternatives might work.

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1. Reconnect with family

Inviting them home, babysitting for a weekend, making video calls with those who live far away, or frequently visiting those close by are distractions to entertain older adults. Retirement respite is the right time to get back in touch.

2. Read

There are books for all tastes. You don't need to buy them; get them from libraries or download them online to read on your computer, tablet or smartphone.

They offer days of distraction, increase understanding, vocabulary and mental capacity, as well as being allies in the induction of sleep.

3. Cook

Preparing homemade food pleases the family and de-stresses. In addition, entering adulthood you have to think about a healthy diet.

In the kitchen, physical, sequential and planning skills are developed. You do not have to be knowledgeable in the culinary art; In any case, some basic courses do not fall badly and they suppose pleasant time.

4. Gardening

Is a Hobbie addictive for the elderly, because plants and patience are cultivated as a virtue. Once they take a liking to sowing a seed and appreciate its growth, they will fill their gardens with beautiful flowers.

Spend at least an hour mowing the lawn, watering the pots and other outdoor activities lower stress, build skills and physical stamina.

5. Fishing

Enjoying a walk in nature going fishing gives a feeling of peace. This way of entertaining older adults disconnects from everyday life. With this motor exercise anxiety is also calmed.

6. Share knowledge

It is satisfying to teach what you have learned in life. They can instruct the youngest on the knowledge acquired in the work time or simpler things, such as weaving, drawing, photographing, working with wood.

7. Learn a new language

That age is not a limit! Learning other languages ​​stimulates the cognitive part and works as tool in delaying Alzheimer's and dementia. Other benefits of being bilingual is communicating with foreigners and understanding their cultures.

8. Travel to entertain older adults

After dedicating a large part of your life to work, a good reward is giving yourself the opportunity to see the world. They can make a list with the places they always longed to see and organize the route to give yourself the pleasure of fulfilling, little by little, those wishes.

9. Write

A way to inspire critical thinking and foster creativity it is through writing. Writing a journal that collects chapters of life, adding photos and family history information is fun.

It is also valid to congregate with writers and try other genres, such as the novel or poetry.

10. Dancing

Dancing is happiness! A few steps they are favorable for physical and psychological performance. The heart is strengthened, provides flexibility and strength, confronts sedentary lifestyle and provides energy.

11. Volunteer work

What was not done before due to lack of time is now possible. Older adults who volunteer enrich their lives and that of their community. It is an excellent idea to feel useful in schools, libraries, canteens, hospitals, shelters and non-profit organizations.

12. Train

Physical exercise is essential for people over 65 years of age to avoid heart disease and obesity risk. Swimming, golfing, going to the gym, yoga or Pilates, walking, biking, and hiking are alternatives.

It is important that the chosen one adapts to what the body can support and is consulted with a doctor.

13. Meditation and relaxation

If sport is not your thing, you may do better with meditation and relaxation techniques.. The former is said to stimulate the immune system, reduce stress and blood pressure, while the latter calm ailments, support metabolism, and protect the heart rate.

14. Entertaining older adults by playing a musical instrument

If listening to music can reduce tension and pain, then what is there to gain from playing an instrument? Guitar, piano, drums or any other; when executing it we involve more than one sense.

It represents a coordination challenge and a way to slow down cognitive decline. While having fun, they apply breathing techniques, movements and rhythm, according to what is chosen.

15. Play

With memory games, such as putting together puzzles or video games. Older adults entertain and activate the mind. According to studies, these practices slow neuronal aging.

16. Take courses

Acting is one of the arts of emotional release that contributes to attention, retention, and problem-solving skills. It is one of the most sought after courses by older adults.

Like the paint shops, well serve to express creativity, concentration and feelings.

17. Caring for a pet

Adopting an animal is keeping company. It means a responsibility and the opportunity to comfort empty spaces. With a pet it is difficult to get bored in old age, because they invest hours and energy in caring for it.

18. Join community groups

Living alone does not imply feeling alone. Community groups are a support, because they bring together people with common interests and offer the possibility of showing their talents.

Singing, dancing, sports, cooking, crafts and other competitions are shared in these centers, where they become friends with whom to spend time inside and outside of them.

19. Collect objects

For sentimental or monetary value, collect allows interaction with others and encourages emotions. Tickets, comics, action figures, and stamps are some projects to embark on.

20. Connect to social networks

Seniors turn to technology to keep up-to-date and in contact with the world. Opening accounts on social networks involves the environment, keeps you informed and away from loneliness.

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Importance of recreation in older adults

Recreating oneself in the aging stage is beneficial to alleviate ailments, increase self-esteem and establish social ties, ending the belief that old age is negative and unfavorable for health.

When grandparents are active, the emotional, physical and social impact is less or null that implies the arrival of the third age, the one that supposes more free time, but diminishes certain capacities.

Entertaining older adults has benefits such as the following:

  • They feel useful and they come out of the monotony.
  • They put their skills to use.
  • They enhance creativity.
  • Improve health physical and mental.
  • They develop new interests.
  • They expand their relationships interpersonal.

Select the right hobby

As a final recommendation, keep in mind that hobbies to entertain older adults they have to match your physical restrictions; some represent excessive work and it is not correct to assume them.

The idea is to seek well-being, grow personally and shake off boredom without abusing what each person can give. They could start with a couple of hobbies and vary until they find the ones that satisfy them the most and make them feel young at heart.