16 reasons to get up early and tips to do it

There are several reasons to get up early and of various kinds: time management, physical condition, health, achievement of goals, good humor… But you will only enjoy them if you make it a habit. Read on and find out how.

Last update: February 14, 2022

For those who prefer to continue sleeping, it is not easy to find reasons to get up early. However, there are, and they are not just questions of taste and preference, but rather that this can be beneficial for your health and for your life in general.

From the possibility of washing yourself up and having breakfast calmly to being able to exercise and work on some tasks with peace of mind, there are several opportunities that waking up early offers and take advantage of that extra time.

But You don’t have to wake up at four in the morning. Just move the clock forward a little, half an hour, 45 minutes, maybe an hour. At least until you get used to it. Keep reading and find out the reasons to get up early, even on weekends.

What does get up early mean?

The verb to get up early derives from the vulgar Latin maturicarethat can be translated as to make mature and also to accelerate, to hurry up. Although perhaps this last meaning does not apply as much, since precisely you get up early to do things calmly, as you will see later.

Yes OK dawn is the part of the day from midnight to sunrisegetting up early is not something that happens at a precise moment.

That is to say, getting up early can vary from person to person or culture to culture. For some, this means waking up at 5; in others it will be later or even earlier.

For practical purposes, getting up early would mean getting up earlier than usual. And why would you do this that may seem crazy or nonsense, when it’s so nice to go on sleeping? What would be those important reasons to get up early?

16 reasons to get up early

Getting up early allows you to start the day with peace of mind.

1. Time management

One of the complaints that adults most often have is that they don’t have enough time for everything they have to do. Here is one of the main reasons to get up early.

By getting up a little earlier than usual, you will be able to advance in some tasks. If, for example, you usually wake up around 7:00 in the morning to be at work two hours later, by moving your alarm clock forward to 6:00, you will have an extra hour. This will get you something. There are so many things you can do before breakfast: from exercising to watering the plants, walking the dog, reading the newspaper, cleaning up.

2. Free time

Along with the above, comes another reason to get up early. What you do in the morning, you no longer have to do at night. In this way, when you return from work you will have some time to enjoy a movie, a game or to share with your family and take advantage of the benefits of board games.

3. Enjoy the tranquility

Although, if you prefer, you can take the free time in the early morning for yourself, in whatever you please, including doing nothing; that is, relax, meditate, listen to music, look out the window at the sunrise.

If there is a time of day that is silent, when nothing and no one disturbs, and you can be alone with yourself for a while, read a book, that is the moment before dawn. Nothing compares to the peace and tranquility of early morningswhen the only thing you hear is the song of the birds.

4. Productivity

For many people, The first hours of the day are the most productive. This has a logical explanation: when you wake up, you feel rested, full of energy and with a more lucid brain. Research even suggests that there is a relationship between being proactive and being an early riser.

So you have plenty of reasons to get up early: you can be more effective, even faster. On the other hand, if you leave homework for the night, you may be groggy, tired, wanting to do nothing, especially if the day has been exhausting.

5. Full breakfast

Getting up earlier can be essential to eat well in the morning, because you have the time to prepare breakfast and take it easy. On the other hand, if you wake up late, the various activities you have to do to go to work or school could prevent you from having a good breakfast. Y it is not good to go out with only a cup of coffee in the stomach.

This is commonly considered to be the most important meal of the day. In this regard, research has found that eating breakfast has a positive effect on cognition in children and adolescents.

6. Exercise

On the other hand, you don’t always have the time to do physical activity. But if you get up early, you’ll have an hour or more to enjoy all the health benefits of regular exercise.

When you get home from work you will be more tired, with less strength and less willing of spirit for physical activity. It is even recommended not to exercise so late at night so as not to affect sleep.

Furthermore, it is said that exercising in the morning has additional benefitsas it helps metabolism, keeps you active during the day and awakens the mind.

7. Grooming and personal hygiene

Among the things you often have to do in a hurry in the morning is personal hygiene. Taking the time to brush your teeth, take a shower, iron your clothes, get dressed, and take it easy are among the many reasons to get up early.

8. Less stress

Getting up early gives you the possibility of proceeding calmly, without haste and without worries. The one who is stressed from the moment of waking up, rushing to do everything, will possibly be agitated for a good part of the day.

Getting up early allows you to have a calm and healthy breakfast.

9. Arrive on time

Getting to work, classes, and pending appointments on time are also good reasons to get up early. Who gets up with just the right time, runs many riskssince any stumble would be a delay.

10. Develop willpower

You have to admit it: at dawn, with a little cold, the warm bed is something irresistible. But if you are able to overcome this temptation and show the willpower to get up early every day, even on weekends, it is a good start to maintain a great determination and achieve what you set out to do.

11. Achieve your goals

If you start the day very early, you can not only organize yourself better, but also by having time for the various planned activities, you will be closer to your goals.

12. Optimism and good spirits

According to a study conducted at the University of Toronto, in which adults of various ages were interviewed, early risers tend to be in better spirits, optimistic and with positive emotions.

13. Improves sleep quality

To the same extent that you get used to getting up early, when night falls you will fall asleep more easily. In this way, you will fall asleep early and acquire better habits when it comes to restavoiding insomnia problems.

14. Morning Sex

If you have not been convinced by the above reasons for getting up early, you are sure that they have: you can enjoy morning sex with your partner at a time when the boys would not normally be awake.

15. Your pet will be happy and so will the plants.

And if that were not enough, when you get up early you will have time to walk the dog, without the risk of wanting to bite someone or run into other dogs. You can also water the plants: this is one of the best times to do it.

16. Healthy life

Early risers tend to avoid excesses with drink and copious and abundant meals at night. On the other hand, if you eat a good breakfast, exercise, live without stress, have good sex, relax, manage to do the things you want… your life will undoubtedly be healthier. Do you want more reasons to get up early?

Tips to get up early

Getting used to getting up early is not easy. You may have a habit of getting up when the sun is already high up and well entrenched. maybe, you have acquired the habit of sleeping latestaying up late to watch shows or check social media.

However, getting up early is not to stop sleeping. On the contrary, you will rest better when you acquire the habit. Of course, for that you must go to bed early, at a regular time, calculating the hours of sleep you require. That is, if you are going to get up at 5:30, at least at 10 you should be turning off the light.

To help you in this regard, we give you the following recommendations:

  • take off from Smartphone at least one hour before sleeping.
  • The same goes for the TV and the computer.
  • Preferable do some relaxing activityHow to read.
  • don’t drink caffeine after five in the afternoon.
  • Don’t exercise two to three hours before bed.
  • Turn off all the lights.
  • meditate or apply relaxation exercises.
  • And remember to set the alarm clock.

Early bird…

The early bird God helps; he who gets up early collects fresh water. There are several expressions of popular wisdom that account for the benefits and reasons for getting up early. What the sayings do not say is that this is a habit that has to be learned. And like many others, it is only achieved gradually. At first, it will cost you. There will be setbacks. Perhaps anger and frustration.

But once you start enjoying its benefits, you will no longer want to change your habit. There are plenty of reasons to get up early. What you have is to discover them for yourself. Are you ready to do it?

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