15 WhatsApp tricks you probably didn’t know

The most popular messaging application in the world receives constant updates. Therefore, new tools are added.

Last update: 01 October, 2022

Several years ago the WhatsApp messaging service became one of the most important tools for digital communication. With billions of users around the world, the app remains at the top of the most downloaded and used apps. Although its basic functions are simple, there are a series of WhatsApp tricks that you probably did not know.

The permanent updates that are made modify and incorporate new tools that are not always applied. However, these details can represent great facilities for some users, both in work environments and in groups of friends or study.

Discover the WhatsApp shortcuts that can be used for multiple tasks.

WhatsApp and its importance in communication

Since it was launched in 2009, WhatsApp messaging service did not stop growing. Especially starting in 2014, when it was acquired by the company Meta, still called Facebook at the time. Currently, it has more than 2 billion users and is a leader in the field.

It surpasses in number of users its most direct competitors, such as Telegram and Facebook Messenger. Part of this sustained success has to do with the constant updates that are made, both in the applications for smartphones as in the desktop version.

If the first versions of WhatsApp are compared with the most current ones, it is verified that today it is more than a courier service. The application became useful as a work, organization, calendar and storage tool.

15 WhatsApp Tools and Tricks You Probably Didn’t Know About

Due to its enormous growth and its use as the main messaging service, WhatsApp developers are responsible for keeping it at the forefront. Updates and new versions of the application are constant. New functions are incorporated in each one.

However, it is common for many of these tools to go unnoticed. Although there are very visible details, there are certain WhatsApp tricks that you probably did not know about.

1. Stop automatic downloads

If you are tired of all the multimedia content that is sent to the groups being downloaded automatically, you should know the following trick. In the configuration section, and then in the storage and data section, it is possible to disable automatic downloads.

For example, photos or videos. You can also choose which group or conversation to allow these downloads.

It is one of the most important WhatsApp tricks, since media files often take up a lot of space on the phone. In addition, if this option is not regulated, data usage is activated and monthly internet capacity may be depleted.

Automatic download fills the phone with content, which may slow down its performance.

2. WhatsApp tricks for temporary messages

If there is a need to delete messages after a certain time, whatever the reason, WhatsApp has the option to create temporary messages. They are automatically deleted after 1 week. This option must be enabled in the group settings or chat individual in which you want to temporalize the shipments.

3. Passing the broom

To make a more comprehensive slate of the data that is saved in the conversations, you have to access the application settings. Then go to the option chat and finally to history.

Clicking on the legend delete all chats, the entire message log in the account is deleted. It is a strict alternative, only applicable when you want to completely restart WhatsApp.

4. Underline and bold

No need to open another app to make messages more interesting. If you want to send words in bold, you must place the text between asterisks. For example: *Bye*.

On the other hand, to use italics, you have to enclose the text in underscores, such as the following example: _Bye_. To use the word crossed out, apply the symbol ~ in the same way.

5. Direct access

In the case of constantly entering a certain chat or group, it is possible to create a shortcut on the home screen. For this, the WhatsApp icon must be pressed for a few seconds. The most frequent conversations will open. By clicking on the desired one, the shortcut will be created on the desktop.

6. Send quality photos

Sending images via WhatsApp is fast and secure. However, the application reduces the quality of them by default.

To share a photo in original quality, send it as a file. That is, under the send option files or documents. Not as media.

7. WhatsApp tricks to gain space

To delete some of the files that take up the most space in the phone’s memory, you have to go to the settings. Then to the data and storage option. Lastly, to manage storage.

Thus, it is possible to manage the space by selecting the documents to be deleted. Without the need to delete everything.

8. Email conversation

If for some reason it is necessary to send the entire conversation of a chat by email, one of the WhatsApp tricks allows you to do it. In the options of chat or from the group, look for the legend plus and then export chat.

There it is possible to send everything in a compressed filethrough a mail, Google or Dropbox. Multimedia and audio files can be included, so it is also an alternative to find out about some shipments without the sender realizing it.

9. Avoid the check blue

Also, so that the sender of the message does not find out that you have read it, it is possible to avoid double check blue or read confirmation. Although there are several ways to achieve this, the simplest is to search for the desired conversation in the magnifying glass that the application has at the top.

There you enter the name or nickname, and then WhatsApp displays the messages by hour. When reading them in this way, the reading marks are not marked.

10. WhatsApp tricks for voice notes

Voice notes were one of the best additions to the app in recent years. However, some people need to listen to them at specific times, especially if they are very long, or review before sending their own.

There are WhatsApp tricks for all these concerns:

  • Avoid listening check. Another way to listen to audio without the sender knowing is by displaying the phone’s notification window. The latest audios will appear there, along with the option to play them.
  • listen before sending. If you don’t feel confident about sending the note you just recorded, it’s possible to exit the app, as long as it’s already been recorded. Upon re-entering, the same note will still be in the writing bar, where it can be heard and, if necessary, edited before sending.
  • keep listening. For very long voice messages, WhatsApp created the option to continue playing when changing windows, just like a music application. Despite not being a hidden trick, many people did not know about this change that occurred in recent times.

11. Pixelate the images

It may seem complex, but WhatsApp allows you to pixelate an image or part of it in a very simple way. When choosing the photo to send in the gallery, before confirming it, the pencil icon must be selected.

Then several alternatives open on the bottom edge. On the far right appears the pixelated icon. With it, it is possible to blur the image to hide the unwanted parts.

12. First of all, safety

Just as phones in general have the option to unlock using a fingerprint, it is also possible to enable it for WhatsApp. In the account settings, within the privacy section, find the alternative called fingerprint lock.

Enabling it protects the account using this measure. It is also possible to choose not to request the fingerprint for another 30 minutes.

Biometric security measures are also available for the app.

13. WhatsApp tricks for a private profile

Many people prefer not to display any images on the app’s profile. To perform this action, go to the privacy settings, and then to profile picture. Within the possible options, the image can be shown to certain selected contacts, to all or to none.

14. chat with oneself

To create a conversation with yourself you have to go to any chat and write the following: wa.me/country code and telephone number. Thus, another window opens with a conversation of its own, which can be used to self-send files or reminders.

15. Favorite Reactions

One of the most recent options of the application is the inclusion of reactions to messages. These reactions, by default, offer emoji limited. Nevertheless, on the far right there is a symbol +where it is possible to choose any alternative to react.

WhatsApp tricks offer multiple options

With this series of tips, it is possible to use the application in a comprehensive way. Because WhatsApp was adding more features with each update, the possibilities of use are more and more extensive. Therefore, new tools are likely to be added over time.

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