15 ideas to decorate wooden boxes

How many uses does a wooden box have? Let your creativity flow to recycle and decorate these pieces at home.

Last update: December 23, 2021

A nightstand, a bookshelf, a towel rack and a pet bed are some of the utilities you get by decorating wooden boxes. These pieces are used for many things related to interior design at home.

In addition, giving the crates in which you transport fruits, artifacts and bottles a second chance preserves natural resources and reduces contamination rates.

The results of an investigation published by the academic journal INNOVA Research Journal they highlight that Reusing wood minimizes the negative environmental impact of disposing of it. The work also suggests promoting business management that provides the basis for creating recycling businesses that go beyond the home..

Ideas to recycle and transform wooden boxes

Decorating wooden boxes is not that complicated. You just need to unleash the reins of your imagination and put into practice what you know about crafts. Take note of the following recommendations.

1. Kitchen spice rack

The wooden boxes are manufactured in different sizes. In the middle is the chest that holds bottles of wine. Turn it into a container to accommodate kitchen spices. Paint the box with soft colors and stencils stencil.

A spice rack will help you organize your kitchen better, so you can quickly find the ingredients.

2. Magazine rack

For magazine collectors, decorating wooden boxes means having a nice and comfortable piece of furniture to store them in. Clean and cure the frame. Apply a coat of wax and varnish to make the sheets smooth and shiny. Let dry and then arrange the material in your new magazine rack.

3. Trays and displays

Not-so-heavy and medium-sized boxes are useful as trays to serve appetizers at parties. They are also ideal pieces to display fruits, flowers and other kinds of decorative arrangements.

4. Pet bed

Designing a pet bed out of recycled wood will save you money. You will need a fruit box, quilts, old pillows, and paint.

Insert the pads in the bottom and cover the edges with the padding. On the outside you can draw paws, bones, happy faces or images that are to your liking.

5. Trunk for storing toys

When there is a lot to store, pine drawers are a great alternative. Match them with the motif of the room.

Paints, appliques and decals are allies for adornment. A second option is to accommodate cardboard tubes within a box to function as parking of toy cars.

6. Shoe organizer

Avoid shoe clutter by organizing them with wooden dividers. Instead of leaving your shoes strewn around the room, take advantage of old boxes as shoe racks.

You can place them inside the closet or, if you have enough space, one on top of the other next to a wall. If it goes with the tones of your room, do not change the color of the wood.

7. Mail tray

The receivers became accumulators of letters, bills and all kinds of papers. Avoid it by building a mailbox.

Paint a couple of small drawers and add a wall hanging. Install the work in the site of your choice. Make sure to step on the leaves with a light stop so they don’t fall off.

8. Jeweler

When the time has come to renew the jewelry box, instead of spending money, recycle a box. It is better if it has a lid; otherwise, you must make it.

Leave the box in its natural color or line it. For the interior, cut two pieces of fabric following the measurements on the box. Put the cloths one on top of the other and fold in a fan shape, since you will store your jewelry on them.

9. Planter

A wooden planter does not go out of style. They look perfect outdoors, matching the plants and the garden.

Although it is a resistant material, It does not hurt to cure the wood with a product that protects it from the sun and water. Depending on the model of the box, a permeable mesh or fabric would be necessary for planting.

10. Shelving

If you have a few empty drawers, put them on top of each other to form a shelf. It does not imply so much creativity, but rather placing them in a suitable space. You keep lightweight tools on these shelves. Install a handle on the front side and it will be easier to move them when looking for utensils.

11. Towel rack

Decorating wooden boxes that serve as towel racks takes up little space, either in the bedroom or in the bathroom. It does not involve more work than to give it the desired appearance.

12. Lamp

Use a strong color to paint the inside of a wine box and wallpaper or upholster the outside. At the front there will be an acetate sheet; if you want, you shape it.

Spray with spray sparse white so that it looks translucent. Inside it accommodates LED lights (they can be in garlands). You close the box with the acetate lid and you have a recycling lamp.

13. Nightstand or coffee table

3 stacked boxes function as a nightstand. With a fourth box, but joined together, you will get a coffee table that in turn is useful for storing books and magazines.

14. Box decoupage

The decoupage It is a technique based on pasting images of paper on surfaces. The method is considered art therapy And according to a study published by the Community Development Procedure magazine, it’s as fun as playing with electronic devices, so you can get the kids involved.

In the transformation of boxes with decoupage you will use a fine sandpaper to remove the rough edges of the wood. With acrylic paint you change the appearance of the drawer.

While drying, cut figures on napkins, although it is also valid to use fabrics. On the box fix the drawings with white glue and varnish with glue diluted in water. Add details with markers and templates.

The technique of decoupage It is very useful for transforming items that seem destined for the trash and giving them a second chance at decoration.

15. Space separator

Placing wooden boxes in small spaces is a good idea to separate rooms. Arrange them so that they harmonize with the room, supporting you with plants, pictures and various elements.

How to build a wooden box?

You may need to reform the wooden box for a new use. If this is the case, you will need the following:

  • Wood slats.
  • Measuring tape or ruler.
  • Pencil.
  • Hand or circular saw.
  • Hammer.
  • Stapler for wood.
  • Finish nails.
  • Wood putty.
  • Sandpaper.

Decide what size the box will be and based on that measure and mark the tables. Cut the required dimensions with the saw. Join the pieces at right angles, smearing glue and staples to hold. Then hammer in the finish nails.

Have a foil for the lid ready. Support this part with a hinge, the roller of which goes outwards, and fits with the sides and the top, so that it opens and closes without problems. Fill nail holes with putty and sandpaper when dry.

Why reuse wooden boxes?

Items made with wood have a long life cycle and thousands of possibilities for reuse. In the case of boxes, if they have the certificate FSC Recycled, relieve the pressure of demand on sources of virgin material and collaborate with the protection of the world’s forests, as highlighted by the Forest Stewardship Council.

And you don’t just take care of the environment. By recycling and decorating wooden boxes you do not spend money on new furniture or home accessories.

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