15 garments that you should not miss to wear boho chic style

The style boho chic is a combination between hippie, it country, the ethnic and the gypsy. Those who identify with him usually enjoy the arts, freedom and the encounter with nature. In this article we will indicate 15 garments that cannot be missing in your wardrobe to dress like this.

In the Dictionary of the Spanish Language of the Royal Academy, the word ‘bohemian‘ is defined as “a way of life that deviates from social norms and conventions, such as that attributed to artists”. Bohemian life has been related to a taste for art, letters, philosophy, the free spirit and the rebellion against the bourgeois.

A publication entitled "Bohemia, Literature and History", published in the journal Cuadernos de Historia Contemporánea of ​​the Complutense University of Madrid, indicates that the bohemian movement has different meanings through time. It was used to name the gypsies and the people of the Bohemian region in the Czech Republic. Its origins go back to an idealistic way of life in the France of the Second Empire.

How to dress in the boho chic style?

With regard to fashion, the boho chic style, very close to what hippie chic, it is characterized by its freshness, naturalness, freedom, spontaneity and colors inspired by nature. It is a casual fashion in which authenticity prevails and various elements from different periods and influences are mixed.

It is a relaxed style, but not sloppy. On the contrary, it is characterized by looks very feminine and romantic. We point out some key points to dress boho chic:

  • Avoid neon or bright colors. Prefer tones that are inspired by nature, such as marine or earth.
  • Dress in layers. Although when thinking of style boho chic The first thing that comes to mind are very spring clothes, it can be adapted to winter and cold climates. Dressing in different layers to help keep you warm is a good idea.
  • Use crafts. Handcrafted bags, clothing, shoes, and accessories can help you add a rustic touch, very important to the bohemian style.
  • Look for inspiration. Renowned artists, models and influencers like Florence Welch, Celine Perret, Rosemary Retro and Ibiza Boho Girl can serve as inspiration. You can also search for images of music festivals such as Woodstock or Coachella.
  • Avoid tight and uncomfortable clothing. Lace-up heels, tight skirts and tops, and tight pants don't go well with this look. Opt for clothes that are more comfortable and that allow you to move freely.

The earth colors match the garments of this style. Blues are also used.

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Garments that you should not miss if you want to dress in the boho chic style

One of the main concepts of the style boho chic it is breaking away from conventional aesthetic patterns so that comfort and authenticity prevail. Therefore, the important thing is to wear clothes that allow you to feel free, of fabrics that are pleasant to the skin and do not generate any discomfort.

Although it is a style with specific characteristics, the most important thing is to feel comfortable and to be free to wear clothes that make you feel comfortable.

1. Garments woven in crochet or macramé

Hand-woven garments in crochet or macramé are essential to achieve a style boho chic. Applies to accessories such as scarves, headbands or bracelets, for sweaters, vests, blouses and dresses.

They give a delicate and feminine touch to your outfit. In addition, they are a trend in fashion for 2021.

2. Maxi dresses

Long dresses are essential to have a style boho chic. In addition to being very comfortable and favoring various types of silhouettes, they provide a very romantic and feminine style..

Those that best reflect a bohemian style are those with ethnic prints, small flowers and embroidered ornaments. You should at least have a white or cream-colored dress that you can combine with various accessories, such as jewelry, hats, and vests.

Don't be afraid to wear colors though, as this is a lighthearted and carefree look. The range of blues and greens and earth colors are predominant. Avoid satin, tulle, or shiny and sequin embellished fabrics.

3. Cowboy boots

Cowboy style boots are perfect to complement outfits with maxi dresses, skirts, shorts Y jeans. They have a lot of attitude and are perfect for cool or cold climates. It does not matter if it is high or low boots; both go very well with this style. Make sure they have a low heel. The more natural they look, the better.

4. Jewels with quartz

Various types of jewelry suit the looks bohemians; especially those large and have stones of natural origin. Feel free to wear maxi earrings, necklaces, and bracelets.

One type of jewelry with which you will always be successful in this style are those that have quartz. These stones come in different colors and spiritual and even healing meanings have been associated with gem therapy.

5. Hats

Hats are an ideal accessory to complement many of the outfits with style boho chic. They can be used in hot or cold climates; the important thing is to wear them with style and naturalness.

There is no single hat that suits this style; It depends on the weather or the season you are in. However, a quintessential classic is the wide-brimmed fedora.

6. Long and colorful skirts

As with dresses, long skirts go very well with this style. Use the ones that are made of fluid fabrics that allow flight and movement. Skirts type wrap Y evasé they are perfect.

You can have a colorful one with prints that contrast with a solid-tone blouse or sweater. You wear it with sandals or boots.

7. Garments with ethnic prints

Like the style boho chic It is inspired by the gypsy, the rustic and the exotic, ethnic patterns are inevitable. However, remember not to overuse them, Well, you could have an overloaded effect on your outfit. Choose a garment to have this type of pattern and combine it with other neutral tones.

8. Vests

Vests are a lovely finishing touch for many outfits. You can use them in Jean to give a rebellious touch or hippie. Also, a woven or embroidered one will add a slightly more delicate style and vintage.

9. Jackets with fringes

Fringed jackets complement each other perfectly. Make sure they are in earth colors, like browns.

You can wear them with a dress in cool weather or a sweater underneath in the cold. Try to show it off with other bohemian accessories. Otherwise, you could have a style closer to cowboy or cowboy.

10. Jeans ripped

If you love jeans, those that best fit the bohemian style are those with wide boots and that have some worn or torn parts. Also, some shorts Shorts or shorts can go very well with a loose-fitting blouse, a hat, and boots.

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11. Woven sacks and oversize

This type of baggy sacks or sweaters are essential to achieve a style boho chic for the cold; it does not matter if they are closed or open. Combined with skirts they look great. Try to choose them fabrics and in autumn or earth tones.

12. Loose and lace blouses

Choose blouses that are made of natural fabrics, vaporous and fluid; have movement. If they have some embroidered or lace details, they will combine perfectly.

13. Use tissues

Scarves are a perfect complement to finish any outfit. You can play with them in different ways, to decorate your hair, your bags or even as a belt. The flowery or botanical prints go very well with the style boho chic.

Accessories are important, but you shouldn't overload, so that comfort is preserved.

14. Baggy pants

Bellboot pants are the stars of style hippie and boho chic. Besides jeans, you can use them on softer and looser fabrics that have patterns. The Hindu or yogi style can also go very well with this style, as long as you combine them with other accessories.

15. Large lenses

A large round John Lennon sunglasses are the perfect touch to finish off with a boho chic outfit. If round glasses don't look good with your face type, you can use a pair cat eye or anyone who looks vintage. However, Avoid shiny touches or big brand logos.

Complete the boho chic with makeup and hairstyle

After knowing the 15 garments that you should not miss to wear the style boho chic, you need to know how to put on makeup. Go for a very natural style, no neon or too conspicuous colors.

Also, wear your hair in subtle waves. You can also make braids that give it a romantic touch.

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