15 affirmations of gratitude for your day to day

Being grateful fills us with good vibes, contributes to personal well-being and has positive effects on health. Get to know a list of affirmations of gratitude that you can apply in your daily life.

Last update: 01 July, 2022

Gratitude affirmations fuel good feelings, joy, and positivity. If you give thanks daily for the things that happen to you, the ups and downs of life are more bearable.

Depending on the attitude that accompanies you, you will be able to see in small details everything that is worthwhile and the opportunities. In addition, with simple but valuable statements, you favor the surrounding energy and benefit your health. How is this possible? We will explain it to you below.

Gratitude and its importance in life

Being grateful goes beyond words. You contribute to your well-being every time you give thanks for a favor, by a gesture or by the fact of existing.

Magazine Psychology and Health exposes several concepts of gratitude. One of them defines the term as a human strength that allows manifesting the virtue of transcendence. Another refers that gratitude is composed of an emotion or a set of feelings.

An additional description points out gratitude as a trait and the tendency to admit and respond with emotions to the benevolence of others and the benefits obtained. In general, it is noted that this action leads to an optimal psychological life and influences personal growth.

psychodebate published an investigation referring to several authors who list 3 functions of gratitude:

  • It is a social barometer that recognizes those who are willing to make a selfless effort.
  • is a motivator so that those who perceive gratitude, carry out acts in favor of others.
  • It’s a moral booster which supports the above principles.

Benefits of Gratitude Affirmations

Gratitude affirmations work as a reminder of the good that comes to life. With each sentence you express, you lift your spirits and boost self-esteem. Several benefits stand out from this practice.

The Medical Journal of Chile comments that gratitude is linked to better parameters of physical health, as the following:

  • Better quality of sleep.
  • Decreased blood pressure.
  • Increased immune response.
  • Reduction of inflammatory markers.
  • Increased heart rate variability at rest.

Likewise, the authors allude to the convenience for mental health regarding the promotion of prosocial behaviors, the reduction of stress and anxietystopping aggressive behaviors, relaxation and broadening horizons.

Appreciation helps to live fully.

Gratitude is a powerful stimulus for mental health and well-being.

Examples of gratitude affirmations that you can do in your day to day life

Practice affirmations of gratitude daily. You have to give and listen to thanks for the meaning of life.

Repeat the phrases or play an audio. The essential thing is to take advantage of a moment of tranquility when you wake up and at night before going to sleep.

There are no strict or literal phrases to thank. But here we propose some that you can adapt to your reality.

1. “I am grateful for living”

This reflection is a way of recognizing the privilege of being, breathing and belonging. It summarizes the meaning of adding experiences, enjoying the good things and learning from the vicissitudes. The statement represents the satisfaction of living.

2. “I accept everything that is part of my life”

Some people expose constant complaints for what is not to their liking. Accepting is not resigning. On the contrary, it is a way to release the burdens that do not allow progress.

Don’t limit happiness to waiting for a situation to change. When you accept reality, you live without ties.

3. “I am grateful for my wonderful life”

Being happy does not lie in perfection. Even with the mistakes you make, life is wonderful and full of useful lessons.

Do not detract from any experience. Take them as teachers who build your personal development.

4. “I give thanks for my family, my friends, my partner”

Having people around you who are interested in your well-being and your happiness is invaluable. Affirm gratitude for those who are always there for you.

Do not do it out of obligation, but because you feel it. Understand the value of what you receive from him.

5. “Thanks to the Universe for helping me see the positive side of bad events”

It does not consist in labeling as good what is bad. Illnesses, dismissal, unfairness and misfortune are examples of truths that are sometimes difficult to change.

When you are grateful for the positive within unwanted events, it is because you looked deeper. You understand that not everything is absolute and that perhaps something within this reality is not completely wrong.

Open your mind, investigate other alternatives and think positive to get an encouraging opportunity. Sure you find it.

6. “I appreciate that all my relationships are harmonious”

Values ​​such as communication, respect, trust, support and honesty characterize healthy relationships. With your partner, your family, friends, neighbors and co-workers it is essential to maintain harmony.

Put these recommendations into practice and you will see that every day you will proclaim gratitude for it.

7. “Thank you because my body is healthy, strong and energetic”

Health is a gift. Open your eyes every morning, get up, walk, talk, be healthy.

All these and more are blessings to be thankful for. There are those who do not enjoy the same fortune.

8. “I appreciate what I have and I am excited about what is to come”

What you have is the product of your effort. You already know the process to achieve what you want and that raises the expectation for what the future holds.

9. “I open myself to thoughts that fill me with prosperity, happiness and physical, spiritual, mental and sentimental health”

Positive thoughts lead to success. If you want something intensely and trust that you will achieve it, rest assured that it will happen.

So are optimistic thoughts; a channel to connect with joy, abundance and well-being in all areas.

10. “I gratefully await the arrival of a new day”

Just as when you wake up you give thanks for a new day, at night, before going to bed, express that you look forward to the new dawn.

11. “Thank you very much because I have a roof over my head”

Comparisons are hateful, but many times necessary to appreciate what you have. A home where shelter is a luck that not everyone enjoys.

12. “I see challenges as a jump to success. Thank you!”

Setting goals and running into obstacles is common. Do not see the obstacles as impediments to achieve your purposesbut rather understand them as challenges that will make you gladly savor the arrival at the objective.

Challenges place us before paths that can lead to success. We should be thankful for those opportunities.

13. “I am fortunate to do what I love”

Dedicating yourself to what you are passionate about is a joy. Instead, giving time to a job that doesn’t fill you contributes to unhappiness. If you are one of those people who enjoys what they do, then do not hesitate to thank them.

14. “Thank you, because my dreams from the past brought me to the reality of today”

Materialize what in the past was a fantasy is another reason for gratitude. In the same way, the present is the beginning of what you project to later transform into reality.

15. “Thank you, for allowing me to do things that help others”

Giving fills more than receiving. The support you give unconditionally to other people somehow comes back for the benefit of your life. The satisfaction of helping is a reason to give thanks.

gratitude journals

Gratitude affirmations can be recorded in a journal, in which you write down details that you would take for granted. But the truth is that they are valuable.

With this record you give weight to the positive and not to the problems. In addition, you cultivate the culture of being grateful for both the extraordinary and the usual things that make you feel good.

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