14 tips to beat a sedentary lifestyle

Not so long ago, the work was fundamentally physical. But the invention of the computer; and especially the Internet and mobile devices, transformed things. Today, many of us work in front of the computer and remain seated for 8 hours or more. If we go to the office, maybe later, when we return home, we sit on the couch, or even continue working on the computer!

There are those who argue that the advancement of technology does not coincide with the evolution of our processes at the mental and analytical level. This means that The network works faster and is capable of processing a volume of information that our brain does not resist. The result? Stress, anxiety, saturation sensation and, physically, contractures and sedentary lifestyle.

Office work can be very mentally overwhelming, but at the body level it is static. That is why it is common, for example, to sleep poorly supported body parts or have been in the same position for a long time.

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In a study that analyzed the habits of 51,896 Americans, it was revealed that a person over the age of 20 spends about 6 hours of his day in a chair. Sitting for long periods can cause health problems such as obesity, or increased blood pressure, among others.

You will surely say that your work is like this and that you cannot change it now. But you can do some small movements through very simple exercises that, in the total of your day, will make a difference. The more on the move you are, the better! Well, your energy moves and your metabolic system activates.

14 tips to beat a sedentary lifestyle

1. Stand up every half hour. Go to the bathroom, arrange something, order, open the door, whatever.

2. If you must talk on the phone, walk.

3. Raise your desk or use a high table from another space to change position and type standing.

4. Do not use the elevator if you can climb the stairs.

5. Walk to find your lunch instead of always ordering delivery.

6. Stretch every half hour.

7. Take care of the posture: align your head with your shoulders, rest your back completely on the backrest (you can place a small cushion on your lower back), keep a right angle between your thighs, hips and feet.

8. Put the computer screen at eye level and the keyboard, at the elbow.

9. Try to keep your wrists straight when using the keyboard.

10. Do not cross your legs and keep your feet on the floor.

11. To relax your neck, you can make semicircles with a loose head and chin towards your chest, rotating from side to side as if the head were a pendulum.

12. To relax your shoulders, where tension usually builds up, rotate your shoulders from front to back as if you wanted to draw small circles with them. You can also bring them to your ears, raising them and then, when exhaling, drop them heavy down.

13. You can relax your wrists by rotating them outward as if you were drawing circles with your fingers and then open and close your hands, as if you wanted to splash water.

14. To relax the face, gesture by loosening the jaw, tongue, eyes. Remember that facial muscles also tense.

You have no excuses! They are very simple! Tell us what other strategies you implement to keep moving at work.

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